The Function of the Media is Not to Inform

The Function of the Media is Not to Inform October 29, 2012

…but to reinforce a particular ideological narrative in the service of our Ruling Class. Marcel LeJeune writes:

A friend of mine and I have once again uncovered how the pro-aborts will lie to push “science” on us.

A recent study said that free contraception reduces abortion, but a statistician friend of mine shows how the study was manipulated from the beginning to give a desired result.

The Ruling Class likes it when the lower orders take over the job of culling their own herd. So the press, the dutiful servants of our Ruling Class, see to it that information is corrected when it threatens the Program. That’s also why the link between breast cancer and abortion has been consistently suppressed. And why so many people believe the lie about Planned Parenthood mammograms promulgated by our Dear Leader.

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