The Superficiality of Left and Right

The Superficiality of Left and Right October 31, 2012

The Distributist Review always has something worthwhile to say.

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  • John

    Well thought out, and reasoned view. Generally speaking, we all like to put each other into a “box”. It’s somehow comforting.

  • Noah D

    It’s fun being outside of the ‘Left/Right’ box, when it’s not exasperating, but Patience is one of my particular trials. For even more fun – especially if you’re an American – try being a monarchist. 🙂

  • David L. Tanner

    Not impressed. The author attends Mass at a Lefebrite parish here in swing state OH. Radtrads are always looking for ways to keep people from pigeon holing them.

    Seen this movie before. Transcript appears frequently in Angelus publications.

    • ivan_the_mad

      Taking a rather dim view of SSPX myself, I must nevertheless object to this as an ad hominem.

    • J

      Total ad hominem attack. “Not impressed. Allow me to impugn the author with derogatory phrases.” It would be more constructive to actually address the content of the article.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Good stuff! It reminds me of the oft-quoted truism, that to hew to the teachings of the Church will make you look like a liberal to conservatives and a conservative to liberals.

    Mr. Storck wrote “Though almost all socialism is one or another form of State Capitalism, with the disagreement with Capitalism being merely over means, not ends.” This reminds me of something Chesterton wrote in “The Outline of Sanity”: “If the use of capital is capitalism, then everything is capitalism. Bolshevism is capitalism and anarchist communism is capitalism; and every revolutionary scheme, however wild, is still capitalism.”

  • David L. Tanner

    Perhaps it is ad-hominen but all the pieces seemed to fit together when I found that out. Perhaps, I should’ve made my case before the association.
    I just can’t stand the holier than thou, I’m above the fray, you can’t categorize me attitude of the SSPX. I let my contempt get in the way.

    • Marion (Mael Muire)

      I appreciate how obnoxious any kind of perceived smugness or condescension is to all of us.

      In my advanced years, I have learned that sometimes that which irks me may contain a nugget of pure gold for me – something I can learn from! The questions which it may pay to ask are: “where did Jesus, Mary, and Joseph stand relative to the various political frays of their time? And where would they stand in our own times?” (not on questions. On frays.) And “into what contemporary political categories would Jesus, Mary, and Joseph have fallen? And into which of those of our time?” If, on careful reflection, the answers are, “it would be fair to say that the Holy Family really did and really would remain well above the political fray. It would be fair to say that the Holy Family really wouldn’t fall neatly into any of the political categories of their era, or of our own,” (and I believe these would be the truest answers), then this would suggest that we might profit by taking a second look at the original question.

      Can we long hold, then, that it is always the case, that “to remain above the fray,” to remain out of “the usual categories” must necessarily correspond with pridefulness or with exalting myself above my neighbor? I think a revolting pridefulness may accompany these states, but, it need not. And I think we can demonstrate this by observing Our Blessed Lady, for example, who certainly remained and remains “above and out of” political frays and categories, while continuing to “humble herself to the dust” – the lowly handmaiden of the Lord.

      I think it may be argued that a Christian may follow the example most profitably of the Holy Family, both as to “remaining above and out of” frays and categories, and as to a profound humility and meekness of spirit.

  • Will

    Nolan Chart, anyone? (Although that is a libertarian concept ad ritually unclean.)

  • Irenist
    • Irenist

      Sorry. That was in reply to Will.

  • Ummm…the author does not attend an SSPX chapel.

    • ivan_the_mad

      Oh goody, it’s an ad hominem based on hearsay. Mr. Tanner is 0-2 now.

    • Irenist

      Thanks for speaking out against the bearing of false witness, Mr. Aleman.

  • Tom

    He goes to an indult mass