And in today’s gay fascist news….

And in today’s gay fascist news…. November 2, 2012

Rebecca Hamilton reports:

Dr Angela McCaskill was placed on administrative leave from her position as chief diversity office at Gaudet University for exercising her right as an American citizen to sign a petition calling for a vote of the people.

The petition in question sought to allow the voters of the state of Maryland the opportunity to vote for or against allowing a law legalizing same sex marriage that had passed through the Maryland Legislature. Dr McCaskill has stated that she signed the petition because she wanted to give the citizens of the state the right to vote on the issue.

The gay rights movement is about smashing the rights of other people while claiming victim status. Give it access to the levers of power and it will act–every time–with draconian tyranny. That’s because it is, at root, arguing for the power to commit sin and therefore must use unjust force to silence those who know or suspect that. It cannot be neutral. It has to seek to oppress. It uses the language of “justice” while weak, but acts with profound injustice whenever it gets the upper hand.

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  • Noah D

    “Chief Diversity Officer’.

    Let that sink in.

    • Ted Seeber

      I just love how the left thinks that being for Traditional Marriage doesn’t fit under Diversity.

      We’re a long way from Sarek of Vulcan’s Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations, aren’t we?

      • Noah D

        Yep. I think the title is closer to politruk, myself.

    • Alma Peregrina

      Chief Diversity Officer get’s fired for not getting in line with a particular ideology that’s supposed to be imposed on the whole of society.

      Let that sink in.

  • Laura

    And just this week I saw on a NARTH site that gays only make up less than 4% of the overall population. But we’re letting them dictate public policy in this manner.

  • Phil

    The motto of the Modern university might as well be Diversity Uber Alles(except real intelectual diversity or any conservative thought of course)

  • Nate

    Given that her last name is ‘McCaskill’ I’m going to assume that she is a descendent of slaves and that her parents and grandparents suffered under humiliating Jim Crow laws.

    How disgusting that she now runs afoul of our current definition of ‘civil rights’.

    • James H, London

      Wait a minute: surnames beginning with ‘Mc’, are Catholic Scots/Irish names. Protestant ones begin with ‘Mac’. It’s definitely not a black label, at least not in the Old World.

      • Nate

        Interesting! I had no idea. Cool.
        I guess I was making a very general point. Since the woman in question is of African decent and since she has an Anglo-Saxon last name, the chances are that her ancestry goes back state side quite a while. But I could be wrong!

  • Jeff Beyer

    what happened to your post about the faculty at Saint John’s in Saint Benedict’s universities pledging to vote no on the marriage amendment in Minnesota?

    • Mark Shea

      It’s there somewhere.

  • kenneth

    This is another case where the people bleating about being victim to fascist boot stomping conveniently forget that they’re pretty adept with a pair of jackboots themselves. When I first read this righteous outrage about freedom in the academy, I formulated a question. Would traditional marriage institutions, ie a Catholic diocese or college have tolerated someone in McCaskill’s position who had signed a petition taking the opposite position?

    Before I could proffer it as one of those rhetorical questions, a bit of research answered my own question about whether Catholic academia would extend the same tolerance they demand from Galludet. No, it turns out. In June of this year, a fifth grade Catholic school teacher in Moorehead Minn., Trish Cameron, was fired for having the “wrong” view on gay marriage. She didn’t even sign a petition. She was fired for a pure thought crime. When filling out some sort of ideological purity survey, she indicated she had some personal disagreement with doctrine. She indicated her personal views were kept out of the classroom, and as far as I can tell, administrators never accused her otherwise. This was not a person who was preaching erroneous doctrine or heresy or causing a public scandal of any sort. She was not performing any public advocacy of any kind for gay marriage causes so far as is known. Before you load another brick in the trebuchet, take a look around at the glass load-bearing walls in your own house.

    Let’s also be honest about one other point in the McCaskill situation. She did not sign that petition out of some abstract dedication to participatory democracy. She signed it because she opposes legal gay marriage. Outside of a few erudite philispophers/political scientist/Constitutional scholars, no one who favors gay marriage would vote to potentially overturn it for the sake of process. McCaskill signed it at a church gathering which was crusading against gay marriage. That’s all well and good, but I’d have a lot more respect for her position if she had the courage of her convictions to own it publicly.

    • Alma Peregrina

      Catholic schools have the duty to uphold Catholicism, which opposes gay marriage.

      Diversity officers have the duty to uphold diversity. Diversity also encompasses religions… which oppose gay marriage. Just like certain gays oppose religion.

    • Alma Peregrina

      Catholic schools have the duty to uphold Catholicism.
      Catholicism is against gay marriage.

      Diversity officers haver the duty to uphold diversity.
      Diversity doesn’t mean just “sexual orientation”. It also means “religion”.
      And certain religions are against gay marriage.
      Just like certain LGBTs are against religion.

    • Any evidence she doesn’t publicly own her conviction that democracy is the best way to settle big questions?

      Didn’t think so. Say hi to those Aryan-loving Nordic racists you were bragging about being buddy-buddy with…