And in today’s gay fascist news….

And in today’s gay fascist news…. November 2, 2012

Rebecca Hamilton reports:

Dr Angela McCaskill was placed on administrative leave from her position as chief diversity office at Gaudet University for exercising her right as an American citizen to sign a petition calling for a vote of the people.

The petition in question sought to allow the voters of the state of Maryland the opportunity to vote for or against allowing a law legalizing same sex marriage that had passed through the Maryland Legislature. Dr McCaskill has stated that she signed the petition because she wanted to give the citizens of the state the right to vote on the issue.

The gay rights movement is about smashing the rights of other people while claiming victim status. Give it access to the levers of power and it will act–every time–with draconian tyranny. That’s because it is, at root, arguing for the power to commit sin and therefore must use unjust force to silence those who know or suspect that. It cannot be neutral. It has to seek to oppress. It uses the language of “justice” while weak, but acts with profound injustice whenever it gets the upper hand.

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