Fr. Denis Lemieux writes

Fr. Denis Lemieux writes November 10, 2012

I you will excuse my Canadian-ness, I have written a couple posts musing on the US election (before and after, as it happens). I’ve had good responses from my readers to both of them. My musings correspond roughly to much of what you say, so you might find the two posts linkable. God bless you all, God bless America and the world… and have mercy on us all.


Nice to get a little perspective from outside the hothouse.

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  • Outside the hothouse? Come now Mark. If Obama had run for Prime Minister in Canada he would have been elected with such a majority it would make one’s head spin. We are the experimental hothouse from which a great deal of your country’s hot air is derived from. And we have our own up-and-coming little anti-christ that we will have to deal with in the form of Justin Trudeau.

    • Esther

      Using “anti-Christ” as a synonym for “person with political power and some terrible ideas” robs the word of its meaning. I know this is the internet, where life isn’t worth living without hyperbole, but calm down.
      Also he hasn’t even officially been made leader yet, if the internet serves me correctly (I’m British; I don’t follow Canadian politics in detail.)