Here’s a Catholic Small Business you can Support

Here’s a Catholic Small Business you can Support November 9, 2012

Trinitee Apparel makes Catholic-centric clothes.  Check thou it out. Thanks Mark. Be sure to “like” their Facebook page and you’ll see they are running a nice 25% off sale now until Nov. 18th. And keep them in your prayers.

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  • Mark R

    I don’t think Catholics can pull off the average d-bag look.

  • JoFro

    I dont know how to contact you but could you help me with something. In the Bible, the Book of Numbers 5:14-21 discusses the topic of causing a miscarriage – how does the Catholic Church explain this verse with its teachings on abortion?

    • Ted Seeber

      Well, one part is that this is the Old Testament- and thus, like Moses allowing for Divorce, would be against Catholic morality, and thus one of the things that was changed with Christ.

      I would also point out that this chemical abortion, even in the Old Testament, is only to be done in cases of sexual infidelity. If a couple is chaste and actually lives their sex lives morally (inside of marriage, for purposes of procreation) how would this situation ever come up?

    • Feel free to explain chemically how ordinary dust mixed with water can cause an abortifacient.

      I believe you are misinterpreting the text. The text speaks about a method for husbands to give up jealousy and put it in the hands of God that God may curse the unfaithful wife and preserve the faithful one and the husband may leave off the sin of jealousy and remain righteous. There is no chemical abortion, but rather a curse from God so that the husband may put aside his jealousy.