I’m feeling very hopeful

I’m feeling very hopeful November 12, 2012

One of the fruits of the election is that a real conversation has broken out among Catholic conservatives that looks like it could be very productive:

Check out our web journal, Ethika Politika, at the Center for Morality in Public Life. (www.cfmpl.org/blog) We published several articles inspired by your “widow’s mite” thesis during the last six weeks.

I will be brief. We have kicked of a symposium on a Catholic evaluation of our political engagement post 2012. Tom Storck started off the discussion today at Ethika Politikahttp://www.cfmpl.org/blog/2012/11/08/what-now/

Professor John Medaille will discuss a return to localism and Professor Thaddeus Kozinski will join us on politics and pluralism. We are also lining up another author to discuss subsidiarity and solidarity and one more to discuss Tocquiville and Catholic culture.

Finally, we are also going to invite a priest to discuss the Parish Life and American Cultural EngageThis is leading up to a year-long expositon on CST we will be beginning on 1/1/2013, to help people of good will read through the Compendium on Social Teaching in a 2013 (Our project is similar to the Year of Faith, reading the catechism in a year).

I’m seeing other good stuff happening, whihc I will be plugging when I can.  I think lots of people on the right are doing the wise thing and using their time in the desert as it should be used, for productive prayer and reflection.  The ones I’m hearing from are way smarter than me.


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  • David

    Well, we better get on with it, because all I am hearing these days is that it is time for Republicans to “ditch the social issues” i.e. abortion, gay marriage, etc. The Republican party won’t even be paying lip service to these in the next election…

    • Mark Shea

      The GOP is reliably stupid. Our task as Catholics is to disengage from this reliable stupidity and near-infallible ability to draw wrong conclusions.

    • ivan_the_mad

      I’ve been suggesting to former co-partisans in the GOP that we ditch Mammon, not the moral issues. It’s a novel concept to some, to say the least. I’ve forgotten where I’m stealing the following from, but someone wrote that there are two types of conservatives, one for whom the highest good is economic efficiency, one for whom the highest good is the cultivation of the soul and of virtue. As usual, one can’t serve two masters. To beat what has become my favorite drum in these recent days, let me quote the man who did more than anyone to articulate the intellectual foundation of American conservatism, Russell Kirk, who admonishes us to reject “[t]hose who instruct us that ‘the test of the market’ is the whole of political economy and of morals.”

      Ethika Politika is an excellent site that everyone should bookmark.

    • You’re absolutely right, and it’s totally ridiculous. First Things ran an article this past week showing that conservative social issues “outperformed” Romney across the country…so, for instance, voters here in Massachusetts went heavily for Obama, but also rejected a ballot initiative that would have allowed for physician-assisted suicide.

      The problem this last election wasn’t an overemphasis on conservative social issues, it’s that nobody believed a word that was coming out of Mitt Romney’s mouth…

  • Sam Schmitt

    I’m very confused about how we disengage from the current American politics and culture while at the same time engaging it. Seems like we tried to live thus contradiction before and Catholics were considered a slightly humorous sideshow. Not sure how that’s going to change the culture.

    • Ted Seeber

      Form not a new party, but a new movement. One that emphasizes human dignity from conception until natural death. Even when it is at the expense of liberty, freedom, efficiency and profit.

  • Alexander Anderson

    I’ve heard some rumblings in that direction, too. Maybe we should let them ditch social issues, see what that does for them. I have a really hard time thinking you can win an election with just die-hard libertarians and investment bankers backing you.

  • Ted Seeber

    An idea I recently had. Form 3 new parties, and name them in Spanish: Los progresistas, la familia, la próspera. Or in English, the Progressives, The Family, The Prosperous.

    Have every single Catholic in the nation abandon the Democrats and the Republicans for one of the three new parties. And deny the old parties our vote.

    I’m hoping that La Familia will be the largest- that’d be the one I’d join.