Orwell would be proud

Orwell would be proud November 10, 2012

“We want to make people feel safe”

What is Baltimore doing to make people feel safe?  Why, recording every word they say in private conversation on buses.

If I were the people of Baltimore, I would mount a campaign to arm every passenger with a boom box at full volume until that bloody Soviet measure is repealed.

Feel safer, or you may be an enemy of the state.

The old America is being euthanized in the the name of national security and a Stronger Safer America–to wide bipartisan applause.

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  • Dymphna

    Shame the extremely racist comments on that site (~50% at the time I’m reading it?) really tell us a lot about its reader base.

    • Ghosty

      It seems to be one poster, at least from the bits I read. Just a troll having his fun.

      Peace and God bless!

  • Dymphna

    PS – And I know you’re not, Mark; I just read your posts on racism!

  • kmk

    My husband just pointed out that this is an assault on poor people-those who can’t afford their own transportation. We live in Maryland, lived in Baltimore. VOters keep voting in “winners” like Martin O’Malley, Barbara Mikulski, etc. We’ve just caved on gay so called marriage. Unfortunately, in this state, we are getting what we are asking for. Pathetic.

  • My ancestors died opposing the ‘old, weird America’ (as Bob Dylan put it), but I daresay they’d join forces with Sevier et al to wipe the current generations from the map. Every passing decade makes the last bunch look good.

    I’m no Ted Seeber, but I grasp where he is coming from. Y’all are screwed, barring divine intervention. The folks on this blog ARE that divine intervention. What are we doing in front of the people we meet day to day to try to win back some humanity in this society? I know what I do. It’s just food for thought.

  • One of the reasons libertarians are against government transport systems is that a private company can be much more easily opposed and replaced if it steps over the line of what is permissible. Maryland is an all party notification state. A private company would be in legal peril if it did this without “in your face” meaningful notification at every ride.

    • Ted Seeber

      A simple sign suffices.

  • dpt

    Let’s escalate this, but back at them…

    maket it so gov’t and politicians offices are required to have cameras and microphones running at all-times, and it will be web accessible to anyone. It would be a sort of a C-span so citizens can watch and hear the inner workings of politicians and bureaucrats.

    • Marthe Lépine

      This is an excellent idea!

      • dpt

        Our local assemblymember here in Northern CA had a “that ought to be a law” contest a couple years ago. I suggested the above.
        Go figure, I did not win the contest.

  • Esther

    When I saw this I spontaneously yelled something unrepeatable at my computer.
    Wow, just wow. This is scary.
    I advise the people of Baltimore to learn Esperanto, Klingon or some made-up language that hardly anybody speaks so that the people spying on them will not understand what they’re saying.

  • Ted Seeber

    We’ve had this on MAX trains in Portland for a decade now. It has been rarely useful, even in prosecuting crime, because of the rules of evidence in the courts combined with the equipment being down about 25% of the time.