Simcha Fisher kills me

Simcha Fisher kills me November 29, 2012

Over on Facebook, Simcha writes:

Don’t laugh, this is a serious question.  Our lightbulbs are suddenly blowing at a very high rate- like one a day or every other day.  Is this just a coincidence, or are we getting, like, too much electricity?  Or something?

So I very helpfully respond:

This is caused by one of your children approaching adolescence and beginning to manifest psychokinetic powers which must be controlled before she turns into Carrie and destroys you all. Here’s what you need:

She responds:

We got my daughter this shirt for her birthday:

Fools! I’ll destroy you all. Dark T-Shirt
I hope that kid appreciates what a fantastic mom and dad she has.
Also, I gotta get me one of them T shirts!  It’ll wow ’em at the Dark Lord Convention in Columbus next year.
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