The Delightful Brandon Vogt writes

The Delightful Brandon Vogt writes November 10, 2012

Last Spring, a writer at Boston Magazine did a big feature story on Catholic life in Boston after the abuse-crisis. Yesterday, he posted a follow-up article where he shared his experiences at St. John’s Seminary. He recounts his most poignant memory, which involved sitting in on a liturgy class where the seminarians were shown several videos on the liturgy. One featured the infamous Fr. Michael Pfleger, who designed his own five-minute Eucharistic Prayer. Another included the terrifying Mass Puppets.

But alas, none were a match for my three-year-old son, Isaiah, whose liturgical exactitude won over the class:

Any man whose son beats Fr. Pfleger and scary puppets in a liturgy competition is one proud papa.

As well you should be, Brandon.

Brandon, by the way, also writes:

“Huge giveaway this week as Our Sunday Visitor has donated 11 of their newest books including:

– “Bible Top Tens” by Mary Elizabeth Sperry
– “Champion of the Church” by Ann Ball
– “Engaging a New Generation” by Frank Mercadante
– “Faith at Work” by Kevin Lowry
– “Gateways to God” by Fr. Robert Hater
– “Patron Saints” by Thomas J. Craughwell
– “Style, Sex, and Substance” by Hallie Lord
– “The Heart of Catholic Prayer” by Mark Shea
– “The Temperament God Gave Your Kids” by Art and Laraine Bennett
– “The Word of the Lord” by Stephen C. Smith
– “The Year of Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics” by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.

Check it out!

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