There are still some bugs to be worked out of the Police/Surveillance State

There are still some bugs to be worked out of the Police/Surveillance State November 30, 2012

One of them is when the Police accidently get their own selves surveilled when they don’t want to be.

The woman is suing these goons for $2 million.

‘They sat her down on a bench and yanked them out… they were embedded in her upper-left breast, if you can imagine,’ Jeremy Beaver said.

Officer Taylor-Santino also lied on a report he filed in connection with the taser episode, not realising the whole incident had been caught on CCTV.

‘In his ‘use of force report,’ (Mr Taylor-Santino) sought to cover up and/or conceal his actions… by omitting that (Ms Williams) was handcuffed when she was shot with the taser,’ the suit alleges.

I hope she takes them for every cent since this is not the first time these thugs have done stuff like this. And I hope these guys lose their jobs. Criminals have no business enforcing the law.

General Petraeus also recently discovered a taste of surveillance state blowback.  It will be interesting to see how a police state functions in an age of cell cams and the internet.  Chinese Commies are finding it hard.  I wonder how our aspiring architects of a National Security State will deal with the challenge of having their actions documented and instantly broadcast on Youtube?

Update: A reader adds:

Hopefully the architects will run into problems. There have been two good stories this week about how they’re been stymied. We’re not dead yet!

This one deals directly with cases like that, where a circuit court ruled an Illinois law that forbade recording of public police actions was unconstitutional, and the supreme court refused to hear the appeal, thereby leaving the ruling in place, protecting our right to record police in public.

Another good one was the reintroduction of a bill that protects the privacy of emails and cloud stored communication from invasion without warrants. They might be doing this to protect themselves from scandals like Petraeus, but I’m happy with we get collateral protection at the same time.

These are both heartening developments. The lie of the Police State is always that “the innocent have nothing to hide” from the prying eyes of the State. Fine. Then the cops should have nothing to hide when citizens film them–in public. The Founders were a lot more afraid of cops than they were of the free exchange of information.

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  • Moreana

    I could not agree more. They should hope I’m not on that jury. So many cops are thuggish now. Rude, aggressive, they view us as targets now. It’s much different from 25 years ago.

  • Karl Keating

    1. Taylor-Santino should be fired and then “retired” to about six months in prison.
    2. All the other officers in the video should be fired because they failed to do their duty, which was to stop an assault.
    3. The police chief should be fired for incompetence, either for permitting such men to remain on his force or for not knowing what kind of men they were.

    • Mark Shea


  • tz

    “I hope she takes them for every cent since this is not the first time these thugs have done stuff like this.” You mean the taxpayers of whatever city, township, or county can pay more taxes while nothing happens to the cops. I linked to several sites in an earlier comment. Those thugs could rape a child in public and the “Police Union” would have an arbitration board, Internal “affairs” would cover it up, some technicality would keep him on the payroll even if it took years, and he would get back pay and probably retire with benefits.

    As PINAC and say ALWAYS record the cops using a stream-to-net like Ustream,, or Qik, although you will probably be unlawfully arrested. It will be worse if you don’t have evidence

    I wish it were not so. I wish police were held to a higher standard of law instead of being exempt. Instead they are thugs above the law. Any traffic ticket you or I would get is nullified through “professional courtesy”, including DUIs and speeding 20+ MPH over, and parking. If you record cops you will be arrested and will have to fight some impeding, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest or other vague charge. I.e. “Contempt of Cop”. The thin blue line will work to intimidate you and protect them. While you use your own resources to stay out of jail or prison, they will walk free and laugh, and at worst will have to attend – at taxpayer expense and get paid for – classes to instruct them about the first amendment. There are good cops, but the 80% spoil it for them.