This is a test…

This is a test… November 21, 2012

…of the Prudential Thinking Network.

Today’s subject: the Genetic Fallacy.

The Genetic Fallacy occurs whenever you say something like “That can’t/must be true because the people reporting it are Not of My Tribe/Wise Tribal Elders, or The Wrong/Right Sort.”

Do you suffer from a Genetic Fallacy Disorder? Here’s a test. When you read:

Hostess To Pay $1.75 Million In Executive Bonuses After Blaming Unions For Bankruptcy

…is your first thought “Why is he linking the ritually impure Think Progress site?” or is it “Is that true?  I’d better find out.”  If the former, have yourself screened immediately for Genetic Fallacy Disorder. It is communicable by print, air, and electronic devices and has cost millions of dollars and millions of lives.  Have yourself inoculated immediately against this and many other fallacies with a good shot of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

For more on logical fallacies, go here.

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