A favor to ask my readers

A favor to ask my readers December 20, 2012

Sometimes the ad feed runs inappropriate stuff. Somebody mentioned in my combox this AM that there was some sort of pro-abort ad running on my page. I don’t see my page much as I am typically writing you from deep within the bowels of the posting software, where there are only mice, abandoned crocodiles, and the steady drip drip drip of pipes full of toxic waste to break up the dim silence of a twilight underworld of subhumans awaiting the Zombie Apocalypse scheduled for tomorrow when we will emerge and EAT YOU ALL!!!!

Ahem. But I digress.

Anyway, if you see some ad in the feed that is wildly inappropriate for my blog–such as celebration of the glories of Planned Parenthood or something, please take a screenshot and email it to me so I can pass it on to the tech geeks and say, “Never again.” The ads are run by soulless robots who apparently spider the blog looking for trigger words like “choice” or “abortion” and then deciding that based on our word usage, we’d really like to hear from advertisers who say, “Hooray for the choice to abort!” You can help me stop that with a screenshot.

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  • Justin N.

    I saw an ad that advocated spilling milk. I thought it completely inappropriate given your deep affection for milk. Thought you should know.

    No screen shot.

    • Mark Shea

      I spill beer. On purpose.

      • Eustace-Jehosaphat-Barthelemus-III

        You truly are an evil man.

  • I suppose you could say that as long as they’re going to advertise there is a win in their stuff popping here because their ideas are confronted head on. Perhaps its worse if their hits shows up somewhere in which there are fewer voices to call out that nonsense. Clearly, you don’t want to give the impression that you actually support killing babies or at least are willing to make a buck or two from the folks who do. However, if the “choice” ads pops up now and again it seems like the least effective use of their advertising dollars.

  • EBS

    Sure. How do you do a screenshot on an iPad? I don’t know how, and would appreciate some pointers from anyone that may know.
    Btw, Mark I thought to let you know of the ad, more so for you, thinking you wouldn’t appreciate it considering the nature of your great blog, and that Patheos would be more discerning- but then again, I’m ignorant as to how these ads are put up on their pages…sorry if I came across some other way.

  • KenC STL

    Aren’t there blog websites that allow you to choose your own advertisers? i would not want to use a platform that does not give me maximum liberty to choose my sponsors. Why would you want to use one that helps promote these sorts of things?

  • Why were the crocodiles abandoned?

  • Pat Walsh

    Nice post. But my daughter says you’re wierd.

  • Joseph

    How is it that the mice aren’t considered abandoned as well? And are you abandoned as well considering you are in their proximity? I hope that when you stated that you deliberately spill beer that you meant so in your mouth.