A group I shall not name

A group I shall not name December 17, 2012

…plans to protest and gloat in Newtown. Since they have announced their intention publicly, they should now be jailed for incitement to riot. Be leisurely about obtaining a hearing date (a year sounds good). Set bail at 1 Billion dollars. Grant them no interviews, arrest anybody associated with them who attempts a public statement of support as accessories to incitement. Also broadcast engineers should “accidently” lose every video and audio feed that mentions them. Lather, rinse repeat every time they do this, with jail time doubled from the previous arrest each time. Let their name and memory perish in oblivion.

Update: Somebody on FB responded to this by publishing a thorough rundown on the group’s contact information. When I responded “What part of ‘Let their name perish in oblivion’ was unclear to you?” my reader responded:

Perish into oblivion or exposure of all their personal details for anyone to do with whatever they wish? After all no one can be held accountable for other peoples actions with said information.

I will be blunt: This person is hoping to help foster a vigilante bloodbath and pretending that he can morally distance himself from trying to incite it with bullshit about “no one can be accountable for other people’s actions with said information.” Stop it, dammit. What is the matter with some people?

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