A little beauty from J.S. Bach, one of the servants of God

A little beauty from J.S. Bach, one of the servants of God December 4, 2012

HT: Caelum et Terra

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  • Margaret

    I had the good luck to catch most of the Two-Part Inventions on classical radio today. It was like opening my sock drawer and stumbling upon a horde of tiny, flawlessly-cut jewels. Bach is simply a marvel.

  • Nate

    Great stuff.
    Bach was a real stumbling block to my conversion to Catholicism. My reasoning was: “Ok, so obviously music is one of God’s favored ways (if I can put it that way) of organizing the universe beautifully, and having His creation praise Him. However, the greatest of all musicians ever was a church composer and organist named J.S. Bach, a devout Lutheran. Ergo, my own Lutheran church must have correct doctrine after all.”
    You might laugh, but this argument (along with some others) really did delay my conversion for a goodly while.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Now that’s just fantastic.

  • Am I the only one who ever wondered why anyone ever bothered to compose music after Bach?

    • Dan Berger

      People actually didn’t think much of him in the early 19C. Felix Mendelssohn had to resurrect his music in his musical journal, in order to give it the hearing it deserves.

  • Thanks for this one Mark. As a beginner on the banjo, I hope one day to bring some beauty into the world with it. Hope you are well!

  • tz

    The angels sing Bach. (I just had to wipe tears away being transported). Note the monophony. Not unlike the Chaconne in D minor, which until Paganini nothing even came close. Were this “deuling banjos”, there would be no contest. Bach exists therefore God exists.

    I typically use Brandenburg 4 as a ring tone. But I need to start where those glorious double-stops occur.

    He did write a Mass in h.

    Considering the number of children he was a very prolific composer.

    I need to forget and listen to a few fugues…

  • KML

    To quote my three year old, “It’s magic how he does that! It’s magic how he makes beautiful music with his fingers!”