Hey Chicago!

Hey Chicago! December 28, 2012

The Faire Celtic Bride and I will be in Libertyville this weekend, hanging with the Militia Immaculata gang at Marytown.  If you feel like swinging by to say “Howdy!” feel free.  I’m speaking a couple of times, but fortunately there are much better people to make up for me.  Drop me a line if you feel like coming out to visit.  The retreat itself is private, but we will be available at times.  I will have email access, so drop me a line.  Marytown is a wonderful place!  We’ll be on the road early today and will be taking off for home late on New Year’s Day!

"I wish I could send you some avocado toast."

Yesterday, we talked about meeting pro-choice ..."
"Hahah, I have to admit I haven't tried asking Amazon to send me one yet."

Yesterday, we talked about meeting pro-choice ..."
"I will die poor, and mostly happy, with avocado toast lightly sprinkled with chili pepper ..."

Yesterday, we talked about meeting pro-choice ..."

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  • Say hi to a great young man while you’re there, Colin Kovarik! He’s an up and coming Bellocian/ Chestertonian, and sharp as a tack.