Our Ruling Class Are Swine

Our Ruling Class Are Swine December 28, 2012

While disabled vets wait longer and longer for benefits, our Ruling Class takes care of what really matters to them and vote themselves raises.

It’s a good thing a Man of the People was elected and not some uncaring oligarch and corporate tool like Romney.

They should all be arrested for treason, their loot obtained from their wheelings and dealings given to the families of dead and wounded vets, and themselves sentenced to clean toilets in combat zones till the last of our troops are returned home from same.  Give their offices to the first few hundred people chosen by lottery.

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  • Peggy R

    This was Obama’s doing, not Congress’. That said, I’d appreciate Boehner and McConnell and their caucuses object and refuse them. Obama’s trying to overwhelm the system…this is why we are at a fiscal cliff “crisis.” This is how Barry does business.

    • Mark Shea

      Becoming a Congressman does not remove the faculty of moral choice. If one chose, one could refuse the shameful badge of taking a raise or donate the raise to charity. Swine do not do such things.

      • Peggy R

        I did say that I’d like for Boehner and McConnell and the rest of them to reject this raise, perhaps propose legislation to undo it. Now, they haven’t done anything yet that I know of. I’d like to hope (ha, ha) that pols of both parties would support rejection of this raise. This particular action was by Barry, not the Congress, however. Let us see what Congressoids say and then condemn their actions/words.

        As for cratchit’s comments below, it may be a little per grunt, but it adds up in the overall budget at a time when we are billions in the hole.

  • Daniel Collins

    Mark, I have loved reading your blog for over a year now. You have helped me realized the idiocy of the “Left-Right” politics in this country. And with the Help of Belloc and Chesterton and Chesterton’s Brother, you have set me right on a number of political issues. That being said, for all of the enjoyment and education I receive on your blog, I can honestly say that I do not like any of it so much as I love these posts. You should write a book, and have the whole thing be taken up with ideas for the perfect Dante-ian Punishment for those creeps in the ruling class. It would be a best seller for years and years. It would solve all of your finical woes in a single swoop, and give everyone reading it a perfect mixture of righteous anger and and lively mirth.

  • michaelp71

    Can we get some footnotes and links to support your accusations. I am not trying to stir up trouble with you Mr Shea however it is becoming increasingly difficult especially in the family I am in to make an accusation and not have it cited especially when u critique the LEFT and all it stands for.

  • michaelp71

    Oops sorry missed the hyperlinks…

  • bob cratchit

    This “raise’ also includes federal GS workers, the ones who work in the VA clinincs, Army depos, bases, parks, etc. Workabees struggling to survive and raise families who haven’t seen a raise in over 4 years. So the average general schedule will see an extra $3.00 to $10.oo in their paychecks…scandalous!

  • Elmwood

    I think I read that pay increases for federal workers and congress are tied. The president can’t give congress a raise without also giving federal workers a raise. The inflation adjustments were frozen for the last few years excluding the military who still had inflation pay increases. Inflation is at least 2% a year so this 0.5% raise isn’t really keeping up with inflation. I believe federal workers were one of Obama’s largest contributors for his election. He threw them a bone so to speak. I think this fiscal cliff is a good thing because it will cut many bloated federal budgets.

  • ivan_the_mad

    You’re far too kind to them, Mark. Swine at least give us bacon and Virginia country hams.

  • John

    You, sir, have just insulted all swine. Swine are noble beasts. They toil with no reward. They give themselves up for our nourishment. They are the most blessed of God’s creatures. Congressmen and Presidents, however, toil not, nor do they provide anything to us that is of any good. They consume and give nothing back. No, sir, they are not swine. They may be a word that begins with “s,” but that is not swine.