A reader writes…

A reader writes… January 3, 2013

Locked in a life-or-death struggle over principles, eyeball-to-eyball until the last minute, the Party agrees to expand the federal government, expand the debt, and confiscate more property from anyone whose income is reported on a 1040.

Oh, and more perks and subsidies for the money class.

With men and women like these, always ready to boldly fight for their principles, can the future of our country be in doubt?

You know why this happened of course. IT’S BECAUSE MARK SHEA DID NOT VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY!!!!! The entire GOP leadership was committed to pure virtue until I let them down with my failure to support God’s Candidate. I take full responsibility. I am the Man Who Destroyed the GOP. These people may *look* like incompetent corrupt boobs going from one whorehouse to the next in their limos as they seek to serve the money class. But actually, the country is secretly dominated by an obscure blogger who pulls his strings and spins his webs from the comfort of his Dark Tower (cleverly disguised as a lower middle class suburban cinder block house).

America! Feel my Power!

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