Abortion Clinic Jackbooted Thug…

Abortion Clinic Jackbooted Thug… January 24, 2013

…attacks peaceful protesters.

This little tin-plated fascist with delusions of running the SA or Bull Connor’s Civil Rights unit is guarding the last abortion clinic in Mississippi.  The devil is furious because he knows his time is short.

As we devolve into a police state, one of the things that the people in charging of hiring “security professionals” look for more and more is not a dedication to law, but a willingness to use brutality to intimidate in order to enforce policy.  Roy Benjamin, abortion clinic “guard”, is exactly the sort of jackbooted goon who will happily get off on inflicting brutal violence on defenceless people in compensation for his low wage, dead end job, and sub par IQ.  Gives him something to feel good about when he gets back to his mobile home, slips into his wife beater shirt, and pops open a brewski.  The East German, Polish, and Soviet police forces were full of these leg-breaking morons during the Cold War.  The joke in Poland was that you needed two cops: one that could read and another to keep an eye on the intellectual.  Roy Benjamin: *you* are the future of the pro-choice movement!

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  • MClark

    “…one to keep an eye on the intellectual”. -> Almost sprayed raisin bran all over my keyboard!

  • Amy

    Peaceful protesters? Your description of mace man was, well, descriptive. I find shouting out phrases like this well intentioned person did was adding fuel to the flames. Covering the sprinkler with a boot did not put out the flames. Is it just me? I believe that to witness one does so with reverence, with quiet or silent prayer. Why not move away from the sprinkler? If one still gets wet, unite the small cross with Christ’s. Bring a slicker the next time. Be prepared to bear insults and wrongs with humility. Different approaches by different folks…some do not work, some work, and some work better. To me, this clearly did not work.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    The only thing that bothered me about the video (other than the illegal assault, that is) was how obnoxious the protesters were being. It was not what I would call a good witness.

    That said, the protesters were not doing anything illegal. There was no threat, assault, or intimidation, and the “security guard” just took a shot.

    • Oregon Catholic

      Yes. Unfortunately i’d guess there is an unpleasant history between the protesters and the police/responders that probably had the police feeling they got what they deserved. Not right, but perhaps understandable. If they are known for being hateful and obnoxious they may get attention but they will be more likely to harden hearts than change them. I would not stand and demonstrate with a group like this even if we had the same goal.

    • David

      It did seem obnoxious. I don’t mind someone standing their ground when being intimidated. But, from my own experience in front of a PP clinic, there’s something really serious about being out there on the street. You are witnessing to something truly sick and sad. You should be on your best conduct.

      • David

        I should’ve said “best conduct.” I’ve found that the way they do it in Seattle is very effective. They have a sign and they have prayers. It pricks consciences and people do confront you. I witnessed one such confrontation. The protestor was very respectful and it was evident that she was trying to win the heart and mind of the person who came at her in anger. She defused the situation. The enraged person whose conscience was bothered went away sad instead of vindictive.

  • Sus

    I wonder how many abortions the protesters prevent. It seems to me that the ship has sailed if the woman has shown up for the appointment. However, I think about the people who haven’t made the appointment yet. Maybe the protesters help in those cases?

    In any case, pepper spray didn’t seem warranted in this situation.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Not necessarily. Many women that show up for appointments are met with kind faces praying for them, and God changes their hearts. It happens. I don’t think the methods of this particular group are helpful in that way, though. That kind of behavior serves more to harden hearts than to change them.

      Still, they were peaceful and legal. The pepper spray was simply assault.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    Maybe they are odious folks. Maybe there version of events is not trustworthy.

    But if it is, that’s some horrible conduct by EMS. Sure, you have to get a refusal for transport signed, but if the patient is capable and refuses to sign the refusal, you get someone else to sign it, document why, and move on.

    We treat pimps and child muderers with dignity and compassion, or are supposed to, simply because they are sick or injured humans. To do less is to violate a sacred oath.

  • John Burd

    Mr. Benjamin’s behavior was cruel and likely criminal. What I don’t see is the point of denigrating the less intelligent, the work of a security guard, or the lifestyle of mobile home dwellers – none of which is related to what he did.

    • Will

      my thoughts exactly. a lot of thugs used by the unions live good, certainly not in trailers. the unions keep them out of jail for doing stuff like this guy did, macing a protestor, even worse. the abortion clinic will make sure this guy is well-rewarded and compensated.

  • I’m not in favor of abortion and abortion clinics. I believe that proper punishment should be implemented to those who violated correct procedures.