Abortion Clinic Jackbooted Thug…

Abortion Clinic Jackbooted Thug… January 24, 2013

…attacks peaceful protesters.

This little tin-plated fascist with delusions of running the SA or Bull Connor’s Civil Rights unit is guarding the last abortion clinic in Mississippi.  The devil is furious because he knows his time is short.

As we devolve into a police state, one of the things that the people in charging of hiring “security professionals” look for more and more is not a dedication to law, but a willingness to use brutality to intimidate in order to enforce policy.  Roy Benjamin, abortion clinic “guard”, is exactly the sort of jackbooted goon who will happily get off on inflicting brutal violence on defenceless people in compensation for his low wage, dead end job, and sub par IQ.  Gives him something to feel good about when he gets back to his mobile home, slips into his wife beater shirt, and pops open a brewski.  The East German, Polish, and Soviet police forces were full of these leg-breaking morons during the Cold War.  The joke in Poland was that you needed two cops: one that could read and another to keep an eye on the intellectual.  Roy Benjamin: *you* are the future of the pro-choice movement!

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