For Generation Narcissus, Every Opponent is Hitler and Every Conflict is WWII

For Generation Narcissus, Every Opponent is Hitler and Every Conflict is WWII January 16, 2013

What a great country.  Where else can you go to see allegedly mature adults respond to the slaughter of a classroom full of six year olds by uniting to compare one another to Hitler.

Obama, of course, is Hitler because he dictatorially confiscated all our guns signed a small fraction of the Executive orders Bush 43 signed to do a few modest changes in our gun policies–JUST LIKE HITLER DID!

And if you still don’t believe he’s HITLER and STALIN put together, here’s the proof:

Not to be outdone in this spectacle of sobriety of civil discourse, CBS’ Bob Schieffer compares the NRA to the Nazis and the signing of a few modest tweaks in our gun policy to the epic struggle to destroy the Third Reich. Oh, and the hunt for bin Laden too. Cuz he’s evil too.

Ever since “Saving Private Ryan” came out, it’s like Baby Boomers–having spent their youth in the struggle to get laid, smoke pot, and obsess over their portfolios and the right to consequence-free sex–have known that, compared to what their parents achieved (enduring the Depression, defeating the two worst tyrannies in history, sacrificially giving their ungrateful narcissistic kids the best standard of living in history, passing the Civil Rights Act, and putting man on the moon to boot), they have done nothing but earn their well-deserved reputation as Generation Narcissus. Rankling under the awareness of their deep self-absorbed moral inferiority to their parents, they now compare every trivial thing they do to DEFEATING HITLER!!!! in a particularly ridiculous attempt to compensate for their failure to measure up.

Dudes. Instead of pretending every opponent is Hitler and everything is always the moral equivalent of World War II, try just taking it small, offering little sacrifices, and not always having one eye on the mirror when you strike your pose of courage.

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