Grace is Dark Matter

Grace is Dark Matter January 31, 2013

Here’s a story about a guy you’ve never heard of who has quietly helped hold civilization together by little acts of generous goodness:

Ottawa names street after Dave Smith

“People say ‘well what makes you do this?’ Well I remember in the winter time … and my mother came home with no coat. And I looked at my mother and I said ‘mom where’s your coat?’ And she said ‘well somebody else needed it more than I did,’” recalled Smith.
“And I’ll tell you, I never could never ever forget the expression on my mother’s face, she just absolutely glowed when she told me that story.”

Those are the sorts of people who will be famous in heaven. The people who are famous here will, if they make it to heaven (not a sure bet), be busy cleaning their golden sink fixtures and learning quiet humility.

Me: I’m hoping to juuuuuust squeek into Purgatory, cuz I’m a jerk. My secret plan is to cultivate relationships with the holy people I know, get them to pray for me, and ride in on their faithfulness. It’s worked before. God’s a sucker for that kind of prayer. He won’t suspect a thing.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    Thank you, Mark, for this positive story about my country. But I have a question: I have noticed this expression you always use when introducing people who did good things, “Grace is Dark Matter”, and I have wondered where it comes from, or what you mean by this. I assume it comes from one of your favorite authors, but I really have no idea…

    • Beadgirl

      I think he means that it is invisible, but real — like the dark matter that makes up the bulk of our universe, but which we can’t actually see.

      • Not merely that it’s real like dark matter, but also that it has gravitational pull and effects, like dark matter. The dark matter of grade draws us towards God, all unwittingly.

  • ivan_the_mad

    On what other blog can a single post give you both good news and a good plan for salvation? Your plan certainly sounds better than mine, which relies heavily on the use of Groucho glasses.

  • sushilpershad

    I am”happy”i seek “happiness”within me I am within”happiness” Love and devotion binds me. In the churning of ocean of Desire in quest of “happiness” emerges the poison of hate greed envy and lust overcome me i drink that poison in anger to fall into slumber of “unhappiness”for ages to come i am only awoken with devotion and “LOVE” to-be”Happy”again, seek me on the path of Righteousness !!