In Defense of Beauty

In Defense of Beauty January 24, 2013

In which Yr Obdt Svt looks at questions like “Why were these things not sold and given to the poor?” and similar tropes protesting the gorgeousness of the Faith.

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  • Amy

    Radical Islamists want to destroy the Great Pyramids for they see them as “symbols of pagan idolatry.”
    Do the same proponents who wish to see the churches stripped of its wealth turn a deaf ear to the demands that antiquity needs to be destroyed?
    When theives trespass and steal what we hold what we hold as valuable, we are angry and sad; what was taken may not be replaceable. There are sentimental values attached. Yet, ask yourselves, if all which you possess were suddenly destroyed by fire, earthquake, wind or storm, would you really miss the material wealth? If the earth just swallowed up the Pyramids, it would be an act of nature. They could never be replaced. The splendor of the Church, too, could be wiped out in an instant, never to be replaced. The real treasure is the human heart and how well it responds to act in love, charity, humility and compassion. Just my thoughts.
    Great article, Mark!

  • ivan_the_mad

    Well done. It made me think of something else Chesterton wrote, although I can’t recall it well enough to find the quote. He asserted that if you were to sell all the precious things in a church and give the money to the poor, then the poor would have money for a little while. But after that, the poor would have no place to go to see the beautiful things, to sit among them.