It’s the January 2013 issue…

It’s the January 2013 issue… January 10, 2013

…of Christian Democracy, written by various thoughtful Catholics who can see that our current politics is broken and who are looking for ways to do ordered liberty in light of the Tradition instead of in slavery to tribal fealties, stupid shibboleths, corporate welfare, contempt for innocent human life, gung ho commitment to violence as the cure-all for every problem and profound reverence for the seven deadly sins.


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  • Subsistent

    Altho American Jews (other than Jews for Jesus and Messianic Jews) disagree with orthodox American Christians on extremely important matters concerning the Deity, a fair number of American Jews might welcome a chance to work with American Christians toward an American Judeo-Christian democracy. If so, wouldn’t “Judeo-Christian Democracy” be a better title for the magazine and the movement than just “Christian Democracy”? (Remember Pope Benedict recently quoting a rabbi in support of the Catholic view of marriage?)

  • ivan_the_mad

    The magazine is good stuff, although it has something of a progressive feel to me (tribal sentiment dies hard, I guess). I thought that the article on gun control was reasonable and measured. “People of good faith will differ as to where the lines should be drawn, but it seems clear that the Christian democratic position on this issue is not to be found at the extremes.” True of most things merely Christian, I should think.

  • Hi all,

    First, thanks again Mark for giving us a boost. I’m obviously biased as one of the contributors but I’m very excited about the opportunity to give folks like myself a voice so that there’s a real alternative to folks having to split their votes (and consciences) over a political party that supposedly favors social justice on one hand and another party that supposedly supports the dignity of life on the other hand. We’re definitely looking for ways to be ecumenical and find as much common ground as we can with folks from other faiths. If folks are interested, some of the contributors to “Christian Democracy” are also at the beginning stages of forming a political party called American Solidarity Party. Come see our Group page on Facebook. We’d be glad to get to know you. Peace, Kirk

  • Chris

    Reading the article on “Christian Democratic Gun Control”, and I have to disagree with the following statement, which is preceded by the admission that gun control won’t stop criminal elements from causing mayhem by other means, or by use of contraband weapons:

    “Still, something will be done because something must be done”

    This is an unwieldy train of thought. It caters to emotion instead of intellectual honesty. I submit that the same logic comforts the conscience of those who hate the Church, but cannot make an intellectual argument against her teachings; therefore, “something must be done” to stop our “bigotry”. Nothing needs to be done to law abiding citizens. Nothing needs to be done to a holy and harmless Church. The attitude that something “must be done”, in spite of a false premise, is what leads to injustice and conflict. The same can be said for the Welfare State. Well, “something must be done”, so let’s hand out money and enslave the poor to the state. How’d that work out?