JK Rowling is a Class Act

JK Rowling is a Class Act January 10, 2013

I knew that Rowling was classy, having read about her calling a girl dying of cancer in the States to read to her from the MSS of one of the Harry Potter novels as she was drafting them and then, when she died, seeing to the financial needs of her family.  Now I find out about this fetching tale as well.  This sweet-faced and malnourished girl wrote to Rowling as a child and, for two years, starting at age 11, battled anorexia.  Rowling found the time to correspond with her and help her through her trial.  The girl described her as “like a  counselor”.

That is not, however, the end of the story.  About a year after beating anorexia, the girl beat our 15,000 other girls (without help from Rowling) and was cast as Luna Lovegood.  She is Evanna Lynch.


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  • I’m often pleasantly surprised at the good people do. Whether celebrities, athletes, politicians, there’s actually quite a world of goodness out there, though we don’t always hear about it. Perhaps the media prefers focusing on the bad, or just not time to find out, I get the feeling that if we knew more about folks, we’d be inclined to see them in a different light.

    • ivan_the_mad

      I think you’re correct, Dave. News too frequently is just a shorter way of saying bad news.

  • Andy

    Having worked in a hospital that was the frequent recipient of charity from local professional sports figures, the majority of them did not want to have their works publicized. As one told me “I do this because it is what I should do, not to be famous.” I think that is the way for many people.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Unless that stats have changed, J.K. Rowling is the wealthiest woman in the United Kingdom. And I’m overjoyed at that. She could give a lot of wealthy Yanks lessons in what it means to be a good person and do the right thing with you wealth.

    • That was sort of my point. Notwithstanding the modern mantra that Americans suck in every way more than anyone, there are probably quite a few wealthy people who do such things. Even in America. It’s nice to see across the board, and probably happens more often than we know.

  • Veronica

    What an inspiring story! I really loved Evanna Lynch’s portrayal of Luna Lovegood, she was spot-on. She’s a natural actress, I think. May God bless her and let her kick anorexia for good!