There are many reasons I love John C. Wright

There are many reasons I love John C. Wright January 11, 2013

Among them are fear, surprise, and a fanatical devotion to the Pope. But that’s not important right now. Today, the reasons include his ability to compose sentences like this:
I frankly admit that I am sick to death of vampires as portrayed as protagonists in stories. They are properly villains and vermin, antagonists to be exterminated, not friends afflicted with angst and waiting to be understood.

…and then tie it into the Feast of the Magi.

Also splendid are blog entries that begin, “My Jesuit Confessor, Father Elliptical de Casuistry of Our Lady of Endless Hairsplitting, tells me …” even when they, alas, announce a cutback in blogging.

FWIW, in honor of John’s post, here’s a little snippet from the currently-out-of-print-but-soon-to-be-reissued-in-a-single-volume-from-Marytown-Press Mary, Mother of the Son regarding the Magi and the biblical homage paid to… those darn Catholic Babylonian Mystery Religionists we hear so much about from Fundamentalists.

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