Democrats Assume Commanding Lead…

Democrats Assume Commanding Lead… February 18, 2013

…in the race for Most Disgusting Hypocrites.

One could argue that they took the prize long ago what with the whole “We Care About the Weak and Dispossessed–and Fanatically Support Killing Babies” thing.

But given the generation of people who have been raised with such tortured propaganda that many seriously think that killing babies is “helping women” let us, for the sake of argument, let that pass.

Even prescinding from that, however, how do Obama supporters look themselves in the eye about all the hopey changey crap and not feel burning shame for his contemptible secret kill lists, total unaccountability, and lies about murdering civilians in wars they themselves protested until their Idol assumed control of them.

Obama supporters: how do you sleep at night? Are you really so dim and prostituted that “He’s not Bush” is sufficient for you to give this murderer a pass?

Extra black humor points: the people in the comboxes at the link kicking themselves for voting for Obama as the “lesser of two evils”. Suggestion for the future: try either “not voting for evil” or even “voting for somebody who is good, even though they won’t win.” Your vote is a widow’s mite. It’s not going to affect the outcome of the election. But it will affect you. The more you cooperate with evil, the worse that makes you. It’s much more important that you become a saint than who wins a stupid election.

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