Go Home, Evolution, You Are Drunk

Go Home, Evolution, You Are Drunk February 8, 2013

A website devoted to intuiting the rather whimsical telos of the Creator, but then laboring to rename Him “Evolution” because fear of the Spirit of the Age forces materialist to avoid considering the possibility of You Know Who.

“Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved.” – Francis Crick, reciting his Creed at bedtime.

Yes. Constantly. There is no God but Darwin and Dawkins is his Prophet. Can’t even get a seat on one of the old beanbag chairs from the 60’s in the faculty lounge if you start going doolally about all that theism stuff. Play the Game, man. Do you want to lose your shot at tenure?

Some of us, however, see no conflict between creation and evolution and basically take evolution as an illustration of Thomas’ argument from design that points to You Know Who.

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