Haters gonna hate

Haters gonna hate February 11, 2013

I’m grateful to the Holy Father both for his clear-headed, calm, gentle, and much-better-man-than-I-am approach to presenting the Church’s teaching to a world (and often Church) full of screaming crazies, but in a primal way, for his appreciation of his role as father. The Church has been in short supply of fathers, what with so many bishops forgetting that role in favor of bureaucrat.

What amazes me is the sheer ingratitude some people manifest toward the Church and the Holy Father at every possible turn. The same “traditionalists” who, in 2005, were bitterly denouncing JPII for sticking out his papacy to the end as a witness to the value of human life (he was “clinging to power” we were told) even when debilitated are now denouncing B16 as a “coward” for humbling handing the papacy over to somebody who can manage the job.

If there is any prayer I have for the Church in the coming millennium, it’s that Catholics recover the meaning of the word “Eucharist” and begin to approach life with gratitude again and not endless carping complaint about everything.

That includes this Catholic.

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  • Dreher’s ingratitude and disappointment over Pope Benedict resigning is pretty ironic.

    • ivan_the_mad

      BURN. INCINERATION. YOU’RE THE INSULT MASTER. Yeah, Dreher’s a good guy, but his commentary on things Catholic since his conversion to Orthodoxy is becoming tiresome. It’s likely just the zeal of a new convert and will moderate itself as time passes. That being said, I’m sure Dreher’s opinion on this matter will be eminently more fair than most everything coming out of the MSM.

      • I didn’t necessarily mean it as an insult — though as a burn… I probably did — but now you’ve got me wondering if the blogosphere is ready for a Catholic version of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog.

        Seriously, though, if Dreher had any of Scott Hahn’s wit, his blog would be called “Abandon All Pope, Ye Who Enter Here.”

    • Dan Berger

      That wasn’t Dreher’s opinion, if you’re talking about the first three lines of his post. That was an anonymous Rad-Trad Catholic friend of his.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        That he re-posted and led his story with. His feeble defense that it is “just like the comments under his article” is ridiculous. He took the comments and chose to lead his article with them. It’s his opinion.

  • Jonathan Carpenter

    Ivan it is especially tiresome since he omits the abuse going on everywhere to make it seem to be a “Catholic” problem. Then again, what else can you expect from an Ex-Catholic with an axe to grind?

    • Lorenzo

      Ex-Cathoic, Ex-Episcopolian, Ex-Methodist, etc., etc., etc.

      While the Catholic homosexual sex abuse crisis is severe, no matter what news comes out of the Catholic church (good, bad, deaths, appointments) thats all Rod Dreher relates it to and talks about. I don’t like to say mean things or insult, but Rod is little more then a one-trick pony and his obsession of sex abuse is bordering on scary.

      • dianeski

        The grand irony is that Rod’s own communion (the Orthodox Church in America) has a HUGE Lavender Mafia problem and a rampant sex-abuse problem. Moreover, unlike the contemporary Catholic Church, the OCA is not making any serious effort to deal with its sex-abuse problem. The OCA’s internal audit of clerical sex abuse (SMPAC) has never even been officially released…and Heaven forfend that the OCA should ever commission an independent external audit such as the John Jay study of Catholic clerical sex abuse.

        Bottom line: There is ZERO transparency in Orthodoxy, far less than in contemporary Catholicism. Heck, the Russian Orthodox actually pride themselves on their secretiveness! Apparently transparency is one of those pesky “Western” things, and, as we all know, the West is the apotheosis of evil.

        People who live in glass houses really, really shouldn’t throw stones. But you’re right: Dreher is obsessed. And yes, it is downright scary.

  • I don’t necessarily think it amounts to being a “hater” nor does it preclude gratitude to the pope to believe his resignation just might be a mistake.

    • Mark Shea

      Calling it a mistake and calling him a coward are two different things.

  • The True Will

    You mean like Dante accusing Celestine V of cowardice and putting him in Hell?

    • Celestine V, ironically, was canonized. He appears to have resigned for reasons not too much different than Benedict XVI, among other reasons. Of course, it was the man that was canonized, not his decision to resign.

    • To be exact, Dante doesn’t ever name the man who “made the great refusal” in Canto III of the Inferno. And he isn’t put in Hell, but left outside both Hell and Heaven, because even Hell wouldn’t receive him because of his cowardice. Virgil stresses it is best that such people not even be spoken of.

      In other words, we aren’t SUPPOSED to know his name.

      Later commenters, starting with Dante’s own son, said that Celestine was who he had in mind, but a number of scholars actually disagree.

  • FW Ken

    so “Haters Gotta Hate” is based on one anonymous quote presented by Rod Dreher. Even I’d the source were credible, I isn’t it a bit of a stretch?

  • Mark, if you follow Dreher’s links ot the page from the NYTimes, you’ll see what their agenda really is – B16 oversahdowed by a giant mural of Che Guevara.
    Whoever picked that photo to lead that piece would seem to be a practiced hater, perhaps even an habitual one.

  • Gordon

    The “trad friend” smells like a sock puppet.

    • Mark Shea

      Don’t be silly.

    • No, it’s probably a real trad, not a fake. Trads over at the American Conservative are plentiful and like to say scathing things about the hierarchy. They have a willing megaphone in Rod. But who are the “wild dogs” that he mentions who are going to us now that B16 is resigning? The other cardinals? Liberal nuns? The old standby, “Jews and Freemasons”? I want to know who to look out for if I take a peek outside my concrete bunker.

  • Rosemarie


    Benedict XVI hasn’t failed as pope, but he may have “failed” some people’s expectations. The two not the same. Now I’m reading all these Catholics (and an ex-Catholic) saying, “When Benedict was elected in 2005, I had such high hopes that God’s Rottweiler was going to maul all those progressive Catholics and restore true orthodoxy and blah blah blah but he didn’t do everything I wanted him to do so he is a failure and a disappointment. Boo hoo.” Well, that’s what some people wanted him to do but maybe, just maybe, that’s not what God wanted him to do. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to assume that our personal desires and preferences are God’s immediate will for His Church.

    • dianeski


      Some people wouldn’t be satisfied unless Benedict had hanged, drawn, and quartered Cardinal Mahony.

      Not that that would have been a Bad Thing….

  • meerkat

    “It’s like a father abandoning his children to wild dogs.”

    ??? My father, like the Pope, is 85. If there were wild dogs out and about, I’d be the one protecting him. It’s called adulthood.