Hey Western Washington!

Hey Western Washington! February 25, 2013

Catholic Professionals of Seattle writes to remind you to mark your calendars for March 1:

Hello Catholic Professionals of Seattle,

What an interesting it has been for Catholics around the world! The Holy Father’s announcement of his renunciation of the Chair of St. Peter was shocking, but his discernment of God’s will is an inspiring example of what our last speaker, Fr. Dolejsi spoke about last month. We continue to pray for him and his “quiet” ministry after he leaves the papacy, as he will continue to pray for us. The first full day of Sede Vacante, the period during which the Papal office is empty, is a good occasion to get together to re-focus our prayers, even more so because Lent is upon us.

As usual we will begin the morning of March 1 at the UW Newman Center with Mass, followed by a simple but delicious breakfast, and hear Leo Clarke, Esq speak to us on a very practical topic:

Incorporating Moral Virtue into Your Daily Business

Today, many Catholics are uninformed about the beauty and truth of Catholic Social Teaching on business and economics, and far too many serious young Catholics shy away from business, and especially from entrepreneurship, because they are uncomfortable with what they perceive as the requirements of competition.  In his former career as a law professor, Leo wrote and spoke frequently about  issues of business ethics and faithful stewardship for business people.  He uses  hypothetical business situations to draw into sharp focus the radical teaching of Vatican II and the encyclicals of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict on such issues as the universal destination of property, subsidiarity, and solidarity.

Leo Clarke,Esq. is Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Washington Federal.  In his previous career as a law professor, he received 5 Professor of the Year Awards at Ave Maria Law School and University of Dayton, and also taught as an adjunct professor at the UW in the early 90s. He has also presented at conferences in 19 states 6 other countries from Estonia to Rome to Dubai.

Registration is now open at http://www.catholicprofessionalsofseattle.org. The flyer is attached. Please share this with your contacts who would benefit from this event.

See you there in a couple of weeks!

Leo is a great guy!  You’ll like him!  In the words of Samuel Goldwyn, “Don’t miss it if you can!”

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