Hostility to Children…

Hostility to Children… February 6, 2013

…is a sure and certain mark of the presence of evil and the influence of hell. People who seek a child-free America are doing the work of Satan. I regard the child free movement as an archetype of evil. And most of them don’t even have the excuse of being do-gooders who think they are somehow advancing the human condition in some addled way. They are simply narcissists who value their comfort and their appetites over the claims that children make on them and who have decided to try to pretend that this is noble by posing as some sort of grand social reformer in order to shout down their conscience when it tells them how selfish they are. Sometimes they spout crap about overpopulation, but that’s rubbish. We are looking at an impending demographic falloff. They just don’t want kids around and crinkle their noses in disgust at others who have them.

No. Nobody says everybody must have children and people are free to make their own decisions about such matters without anybody demanding they give an account of their choices. But when you go from making private decisions to remain child “free” (and note the loadedness of that word) to turning your selfish hostility to children into some sort of movement and positive good, you become an enemy of the human race.

In related new, Chinese commie one child bureaucrats live out in slightly more graphic manner what they always do by crushing a baby with their car.

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