Neuhaus’ Law is Coming to the Boy Scouts

Neuhaus’ Law is Coming to the Boy Scouts February 4, 2013

It states: “Where orthodoxy becomes optional, orthodoxy will sooner or later be proscribed.”

A reader writes:

Please unleash the power of you blog CAEI to give National Boy Scouting some spine, and keep the membership policy as it is now. Sadly it seems that National is considering trying to punt the matter to the unit level, with the chartering organization deciding on whether to admit homosexuals or not.  Would be hard to run a National Jamboree with some troops keeping the traditional understanding of Morally Straight, and other troops indulging in “Gay Pride” displays.  Proposed policy is at

We need to join together as Scouts and Adult leaders to stop the Membership Policy change.  It would lead to situations similar to the Episcopal and Anglican Churches.  To tell National to keep the current rules, contact info is here  , the National Help Desk at 877-272-1910, or the BSA National Council operator at 972-580-2000.

Whether you post this by itself, or work it into your own blog post is up to you, but I know that you and yours are a longtime Scouting family.  Please spread the word.  God bless you!

Matthew Franck accurately sums up how this will play out if the Scouts are dumb enough to turn themselves into yet another forum for homosexual activists to drill the gay agenda into everybody’s play time with shrill sloganeering for the glories of anal sex:

If the Boy Scouts drop the organization’s present position on homosexuality, not only will millions of parents withdraw their sons from the organization, and thousands of pastors will drop their churches’ sponsorship of Scout troops, they will be absolutely right to do so. For it will only be a matter of time before the Boy Scouts of America will pronounce itself in favor of same-sex marriage; will adopt instructional materials, mandatory in all troops, on the compulsory acceptance, by all members and leaders, of homosexual relations as normal and normative; and will move to silence all dissent from the new orthodoxy by boys, parents, troop leaders, and sponsoring organizations. The Scouts, in short, will rapidly become, from the top down, a national pro-gay organization, local control be damned.

It is a militant, profoundly intolerant faith.  It is to be resisted, not accomodated.

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