The Academic Left’s Love of Violence

The Academic Left’s Love of Violence February 15, 2013

Now and then, as with the recent career of the repellent and evil Chris Dorner, somebody comes along who hits all the right buttons for the academic left and lets all the their creepy love of extreme violence come spurting out. Dorner managed to combine all the normal shibboleths about race, militarism, class war, gun control, Obama adoration, and even hatred of the Church (he wanted to kill Mahony) into the just the right cocktail of PC tropes to let demented leftist academics lionize him for his shooting spree. This is a man who murdered a young woman and her betrothed for the crime being related to some guy he was angry at, as well as a couple of cops. But fools on the Left, who but a few months ago were seriously trying to blame Sarah Palin’s infographics for the nutjob who shot Gabby Giffords, are now squirming with barely contained sexual ecstacy over this psycho and comparing him to Django Unchained.

Here, young college student. You need this book. It will save you from an awful lot of folly:

Just click on the cover and you can order this magical ticket to intellectual sanity in a sea of academic lunacy. You’re welcome!

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