Oh! Wait! Never Mind. The Cuomos Disapprove of the Pope. Do Over.

Oh! Wait! Never Mind. The Cuomos Disapprove of the Pope. Do Over. March 16, 2013

In a piece that constitutes a sort of platonic ideal form of Northeast Corridor Elite fatuity, the Cuomo clan delivers their verdict:  Francis is too Catholic and not nearly enough New York.  In other words, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the provincials of the Smart Set.  You really don’t even need to read it.  You know what all the pre-recorded quotes will be.  In fact, here’s a game: write the quotes in the combox *before* you read the piece.

Update: This passage:

Andrew Cuomo is divorced from the mother of his three daughters and lives with his longtime girlfriend, celebrity chef Sandra Lee, in what a consultant to the Vatican’s highest court called “public concubinage.”

…always reminds me of one of the immutable truths uttered by some wise guy: “When you hear an ex-Catholic say, ‘The rational intellect can no longer credit the outworn dogmas of Trinity, Transubtantiation,  Resurrection and the rest of it’ he nearly always means, ‘I’m sleeping with my neighbor’s wife.'”

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