Somebody Named Richard French Stoops Down to Instruct the Church

Somebody Named Richard French Stoops Down to Instruct the Church March 25, 2013

Richard French, the host of Richard French Live, penned an open letter to Pope Francis. In it, he suggests that the Catholic Church should refocus on feeding the poor and clothing the naked.

“The laity,” he said, “needs to hear less about abortion on Sundays and more about how we…can do more for others.”

Watch the clip:

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So… some rich media guy who has, I will wager, never kissed the foot of an AIDS victim, nor spent much time in the company of the poor is instructing a man who has done this many times? And for a cherry on top, he is demonstrating his total ignorance of what happens in Mass.

Here’s Heather King describing what all people who actually go to Mass know:

In my sixteen years in the Church I have never heard a single homily in which the priest exhorted the congregation that birth control is wrong, extramarital sex is wrong, being gay is wrong, gay sex is wrong. I’ve hardly heard those things mentioned. I have heard countless homilies about mercy, sacrifice, our longing hearts, our brokenness, our stumbling search to learn how to love.

So French reveals his total ignorance of what happens in Mass, as well as his ignorance of the fact that the Church–right now–is, without any possible comparison, the largest charitable organization on the planet.

Please. For the love of God (literally), try to find out *something* about the Church before you make these ridiculous pontifications, Mr. French.

Here’s an idea: Instead of stooping down to tell lower middle class Catholics how they are not up to snuff, why not turn all that social concern toward the rich and arrogant? You might start with Extremely Rich Joe Biden who, despite his immense wealth, charges us serfs $585,000 for one night in a Paris hotel and $459,388 for a night in London yet only gave an average of $369 to charity each year. If you are really into simulating dudgeon about care for the poor, Mr. French, you might at least try showing some real dudgeon at rich oppressors instead of beating up people who are actually charitable and who actually care for the poor.  You know, like serious Catholics who do not spit on the Church’s teaching concerning the unborn and who also give liberally to charities.

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