Gay Brownshirts on the March!

Gay Brownshirts on the March! April 4, 2013

A couple of gay students at GWU cannot live in a world where absolutely everybody does not Affirm Them in Their Precious Feelings.  So they are organizing a pogrom to get him fire for Thoughtcrime. Tolerance is not enough.  You. MUST. Approve!

But gay “marriage” isn’t going to be used as a legal platform to punish Christians for their beliefs about sexual morality or anything.

UPDATE: Dawn Eden writes:

Regarding the story now headlined at New Advent about an effort to oust George Washington University Catholic chaplain Father Greg Shaffer for upholding Catholic teaching on homosexuality: The student who is spearheading the effort is a priest in the schismatic North American Old Catholic Church.

I live in the same parish as the GW Newman Center and have been there many times, including today, and have spoken there. Father Greg has done phenomenal work there, including starting long hours of daily Eucharistic adoration. Numerous vocations have come from that Newman Center during the short time he’s been there, and dozens of students turn up for daily Mass. What is being done to him is outrageous.

More info on Father Greg’s persecution via the GW Hatchet.

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