Interesting Free Speech Test

Interesting Free Speech Test April 30, 2013

ESPN Dude Transgresses the Pieties by Stating His View the Homosex is a Sin

In a civilization where free speech is allowed, nothing happens as a result of this, just as nothing happens when the NY Times publishes images of “Piss Christ” (and scold Christians on their need to be tolerant) while refusing to publish Danish cartoons mocking Mohammed (out of fake “sensitivity” and extremely real cowardice.  It’s a free country.  The craven bullies and cowards at the NY Times can speak freely and mute themselves freely as they please and the rest of us can mock them for doing so.

But if ESPN chickens out, or the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance tries to smash the ESPN dude’s right to free speech, then we are no longer a civilization where free speech is allowed.  Only speech in praise of the manifold perfections of homosex is allowed and all other views will be met with swift punishment.

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