Just Listen to These Devils in Human Form

Just Listen to These Devils in Human Form April 11, 2013

Who can dispute our urgent need to go to war with them and slaughter as many as possible? As this well-conditioned child of the Thing That Used to be Conservatism teaches us with the Wisdom of the Children:

In other news, the overwhelming favorite of Faithful Conservative Catholics[TM], bloodthirsty warmonger, torture fan, (and supporter of pro-abort Arlen Specter) Rick Santorum hints that he will be back in 2016 to do what he always does: push hard for more and more war, cheer for the murder of civilians as a “wonderful” thing, and prove that the GOP (and his fanbase in Faithful Conservative Catholicism[TM]) have not learned one damn thing from the debacle of the Bush years.

And if he gets the nomination, we will be told, yet again, that we have to support him since This is the Most Important Election of our Lifetime, and You Can’t make the Perfect (meaning “Those who refuse to commit cold-blooded murder”) the Enemy of the Good (meaning “Those willing to slaughter innocents if it will buy them a vote”). And, of course, we will hear If You Refuse to Support Him You Are Really Supporting Hillary Even if You Vote For Some Third Candidate. It will all be the same old round of crap we heard with Romney.

Nope. I refuse. I will not play their game. I will not vote for these butchers who fuel their campaigns with pledges to shed the blood of the right sort of innocents.

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