Oh. So. True.

Oh. So. True. April 1, 2013

Mike Flynn notes the following remark on academic cowardice when it comes to the Darwin Mythos:

Science Kicks the Creationist Dog

A hard scientist can’t complain (out loud) about the stupidity exhibited, for example, in the Women’s Studies  department, where students and teachers turn on the lights and fire up their laptops prior to discussing how Science has no valid claim to truth, it is in fact nothing more than a tool of oppression wielded by patriarchal misogynistic elites to keep women in line. So, instead of screaming to high heaven over the traitors to truth in the adjoining buildings,  traitors who have a lot of influence with the administration and don’t shy away from publicly destroying the careers of people who challenge them, science fans bravely go after Creationists, who don’t do any of that stuff and have no pull and often no presence in their institution.

Now that Hitchens is dead, what really sticks out about so much of Evangelical Atheism is the sheer cowardice of the thing.  It habitually picks on people who have no power and is remarkably gutless in the face of anybody who poses a real threat.  It’s like being attacked by Dwight Schrute.

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