A Heavy Moral Question

A Heavy Moral Question May 9, 2013

A reader writes:

I would like the justice system to prevail in the case of the Boston Bomber suspect but I don’t want the death penalty for him, if convicted.

Besides the moral issues, I don’t want him to turn into a martyr for jihad that tells other radicals “if your bombs don’t kill you, then America will!”

What I would like, if convicted, is for him to have to sit in a cell for the rest of his life with a television that only shows the Kardashians, the E! network, and the Bravo network.  My question is, does this constitute torture?  Should I go to confession?

This is tough.  On the one hand, it is obviously torture. On the other hand, what the heck?  Why not? If the rest of America has to endure those shows, why should a terrorist be exempt?

Have I mentioned that we have not TV connection to the outside world?

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