A reader writes about the women who came to the aid of Lee Rigby…

A reader writes about the women who came to the aid of Lee Rigby… May 29, 2013

…murdered by Bronze Age savages on the streets of London:

On the back of the recently mis-interpreted comments by Pope Francis on atheists being capable of being good I was wondering about grace and what effect it has on people who have it. Do we actually need it and does it make any visible difference in the world or is it simply a word we throw around to make us feel that we are not alone.

Then I was watching the news the other day about the soldier murdered in London and I noticed that there were two sets of heroes at the scene. The first was Ingrid Loyau-Kennett who was the woman who spoke to the terrorist. I knew when watching the tv footage that she would turn out to be a Christian and of course she turned out to be a practicing Catholic.

However there was also two other angels who also put their lives at risk to help the victim. They were Amanda Donnelly and her daughter. Now when you consider that Catholics in England make up less that 10% of the population these other ladies statistically had surely to be an atheist or other non Christians. But no they were both practicing Catholics.

What I realised is that this is just a tiny example of how the Holy Spirit works through Christians to keep civilisation together. Following Jesus’ example these women acted out of concern and love for others and seem to have acted beyond what others were prepared to do. I am NOT saying atheists cannot do good, but having the Holy Spirit in you makes ordinary people do extraordinary things for their neighbours.

The watery secularism of the shuffling cowards who stood around taking pictures on their cell cams while a man was butchered before their eyes is a living illustration of the future of the West. Post-Christian “civilization” will not be a secular paradise. It will be the watery spirituality of the Eloi of neutered post-Christianity trusting money and tech to save them squaring off against the inflamed spirituality of radicalized Islam. In short, get rid of healthy Catholic spirituality and you don’t get nothing. You get two diseased spiritualities.

If England had any stones at all, Her Majesty would confer a knighthood on Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, Amanda Donnelly, and her daughter.

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