Another Traditionalist Eager to Prove that the Greatest Enemies of Traditionalism

Another Traditionalist Eager to Prove that the Greatest Enemies of Traditionalism May 4, 2013

are Traditionalists:

Trad Catholic | April 30, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Mark Shea is a Cultural Marxist!

There’s no contradiction between racial pride and Christianity!

gens alba conservanda est!

Cuz nothing says Truly True Catholic Faith–where there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, black nor white–than “racial pride”. And all while playing footsies with some absolute nutjob post-Christian racists and white supremacist kooks.

And what the hell is up with the “cultural Marxism” thing as the new all-purpose put-down among reactionaries? I still don’t even know what it means, much less when I signed up to become one.

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  • Reader
  • Alexander S Anderson

    What the hell is the white race? If such a thing exists, it was only recognized in the middle of the 19th Century, thus making it rather… not traditional… from the perspective of the Church. What is it with trads and clinging to “traditions” that aren’t even that old?

    • John Médaille

      Right. The “traditionalists” end up conserving the recent past, that is, liberalism. The “white race” was discovered by Darwinists (and read the “Descent of Man” to find all the amusing things he says about Blacks, and why we can still interbreed with this separate species).

      • Reader

        Not that I’m justifying racism but the concept of race is quite ancient:

        It predates Darwin by at least 2,000 years.

        • Ghosty

          The thing is that the “races” themselves are constructed. There was no “white” race two thousand years ago, but there may have been a Phoenician, or a Gaulic, or a Hebrew race. People have always have different family appearances, and different cultures to go along with those broad family groups, and people have always pointed to these differences in one way or another. The modern definitions of race are truly modern, however, and we can see how nebulous they are through the gradual emergence of the “Latino race” despite the fact that such a thing is a contradiction in terms.

          Categorizing people for the purpose of stereotyping is not new, but the categories themselves are constantly changing, and it is in that sense that race is indeed a modern construct, and always will be.

          Peace and God bless!

          • Bob_the_other

            And if you had said “Gens Alba conservanda est” to Virgil (or any half-decent Latinist), he would have looked at you funny. He recognized the Patres Albani (from Alba Longa, the ancestors of the Romans), the Gens Julia etc… referring to individual families, (I haven’t come across a gens romana) and probably a whole host of other nations which could have been titled a gens (gens lybica for instance), but no overarching gens as referring to anything which might remotely be construed as uniting people by a biological category as transcending national, linguistic and other social boundaries.

            All that said though, I must confess, being dark-skinned myself, I have never encountered racism among trads. No doubt they exist, and perhaps they are drawn to small groups, and in a relatively small group, they would stand out (the law of rare events and all that). But I am yet to encounter it.

        • Rebecca Fuentes

          Anthropologists divide humans into racial categories according to identifiers on the bones. It’s used in forensic anthropology to help identify remains (different races have different depths of skin and muscle and so a face must be rebuilt differently based upon different racial markers. However, there is no “white” race among those recognized. There is the caucasoidal race, which includes Europeans, Indians, and Middle Eastern peoples. These have a prominent chin and nose, among other markers. Skin color has nothing to do with it. Other races include the Negroids, Mongloids, Polynesian, AmerIndians, and Aboriginals. Not PC names, I know, but they’ve been using them for longer than the PC police have been around.

  • John Médaille

    CM has got to be something, since it has a Wikipedia entry.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I was pretty sure that pride, as a deadly sin, doesn’t have any place within Catholicism. I think I’ll have lots and lots of interracial babies, too.

    • MarylandBill

      I think we need to be careful here. The way I understand it, the real deadly sin is hubris. Pride in and of itself is not sinful. It all depends on what you are proud of. If I am proud of the teachings of the Catholic Church, that would be a good thing. If I am proud of my Irish cultural heritage, that can be a good thing. But if I let that pride make me believe that some how the Irish and Irish culture are superior to other cultures, and that the blood lines should not mix, that is where the sin begins.

  • Tom

    “Truth be told, I’m not a very big fan of…the black people.”

  • Debbie Sterbin Sercely

    …What the what?? *sigh*

  • Andy, Bad Person

    “Cultural Marxism” – because I want to slander you as an extreme lefty, but am hampered by actual facts and definitions, so I’ll invent a new slur.

  • IRVCath

    I suppose that so-called Trad would have a heart attack to visit the diocesan TLMs in Southern California. Gasp! Anglo and Latino, black and white and Asian, all sitting in the same pew, often with bonds of marriage among them! Gasp! A Filipino priest saying the Extraordinary Form of the Mass!

  • I would venture to suggest that many readers of this blog are “cultural Mark-ists.”

    And no, I don’t know if I could explain what that means in so many words. But I know it when I see it. 🙂

  • Jared B.

    And what the hell is up with the “cultural Marxism” thing as the new
    all-purpose put-down among reactionaries? I still don’t even know what
    it means, much less when I signed up to become one.
    At least “neo-Cath” could conceivably be descriptive. Yes, I am Catholic. Yes, in the 13+ billion year history of the universe, I’m fairly new here. I’ll take it. 😉

  • iamlucky13

    I would argue that, supposing people like this genuinely believe the nonsense they spout and aren’t just trolling to be disruptive, more harm is done in acknowledging their otherwise marginalized-to-the-point-of-impotence existence than simply ignoring them.