Ten Years Later…

Ten Years Later… May 10, 2013

one of the principal fruits of American policy abroad is the rapidly approaching extermination of churches as old as Christianity in the lands to which we have labored to export DemocracyWhiskeySexy. Turns out that when you get rid of secularized tyrants in the Islamosphere you don’t get the Americanized paradise fools like William “Absolutely Wrong About Everything” Kristol promised. You get Islamic tyranny freely embraced by a population that wants to be harsher with themselves and more draconian to the Christians than the tyrant allowed.

Best part: the End to Evil Utopian neocons show, as is their custom, no remorse and no sense of guilt or shame at all. The Christians being exterminated and driven into exile were, you see, dhimmis who had it coming. They should be grateful to the neocons for their creative destruction. It’s all for the greater good.

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