Another Straw in the Wind

Another Straw in the Wind June 22, 2013

NYC Expands Surveillance Net to Fight Crime As Well As Terror…

As we continue our morph into a militarized police state, increasingly the state will treat all lawbreaking of any kind as an act of war against the State and not merely as crime. So we are already instructed that “the battlefield in the War on Terror is everywhere” and citizens are now subject to the same kind of spying, jailing and killing as the rest of the world’s population. At present, only custom and societal pressure keeps the state from transitioning from killing people with swarthy skin and funny Arabic names to killing people claimed to be, say, child rapists or murderers or drug barons.  Soon it will occur to the State to define “terror” as any action that upsets the civil order. Soon after, the argument will be made, “What?  You want to waste money defending that creep who (we are pretty sure) wasted that cop/raped that kid/sold meth to high schoolers?  If you ask me that drone strike was money well spent!” That’s the wonderfully elastic thing about Terror[TM] and our Holy War on it and it will, for a long time, be used to shout down protest about any act of state lawlessness as unpatriotic and as “siding with the Terrorists[TM].”  And a supine media, fretting about not getting invited to the White House Press Corps Dinner, will acquiesce, even when the state is spying on and interfering with its normal operations and totally not-suspicious-or-anything stuff like the death of Michael Hastings happens.  The imperative of state-run media will be continue to be profits and perks, not to report news.

Eventually, it will occur to the police state that in the struggle to keep us safe from The Terrorists[TM]), not just infinite jail time, and murder, but torture will be permissible against domestic criminal suspects and not merely against swarthy foreigners with Arabic names.  After all, domestic criminals can do heinous things too (or *may* have done them).  They can build ticking time bombs.  So if we are going to torture foreigners on the off chance one of them knows something, why not use the same techniques in the War on Terror (meaning, by then, “civil disorder”) right here at home?

And since it’s not *really* torture but just “enhanced interrogation” and our noble goal is not vengeance or oppression or anything like that, but simply the swift and efficient harvesting of information, why not do what is most efficient and subject the loved ones of suspects to these harmless techniques since that is usually the best way to persuade suspects to talk?  Or do you want The Terrorists[TM] to win and innocent people to suffer and perhaps die?  What kind of self-righteous Ivory Tower pantywaist are you?

I wonder how long it will take before the prolife movement and Christians who labored to defend torture get targeted and numbered among The Terrorists[TM]?

Or, alternatively, we could repent, believe the good news, and become disciples of Jesus Christ.  That’s always on the table too.

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  • Rachel

    Well. Said Mark! Last year, when I talked to my dad concerning my opposition to using drones to find “terrorists” in countries we are not at war with, I pointed out that it was only a matter of time before they would start using them over here. On numerous occasions I have pointed out that terrorism is a tactic, not an identity. A distinction that is lost as the word is losing its original meaning and is applied to anyone who opposes some aspect of the state. That is why I oppose drones but my dad, at the time, said that at least its the terrorists who were feeling terror now but we also know that’s not the case. Many innocent people in those same villages feel the terror of being bombed by drones. With our increased police state, that terror will come here :(. God have mercy on us.

  • otakucatholic

    Wherever men are really hastening to be slaves or tyrants we make liberalism the prime bogey. ~ exterior

    • otakucatholic

      Screwtape not exterior dang phone.

  • We did not have perfect law enforcement in 2000. Certain changes post 9/11 were beneficial and should not make anybody fear for our liberties. Foremost among them is the spread of the ethic of paying attention and not ignoring things. Other items are, as you rightly note, a bad idea across the board and spreading the technique increases the problems.

    It is important to distinguish between the two as well as each of the multiple intermediate categories. As is often the case where we disagree, it is the simplification and over broad strokes that you paint in that draw my negative comment. You do have something true you’ve detected. If you were to exercise care in identifying the border conditions of that truth, I would be completely in agreement.

  • merkn

    So why in the world do you favor higher taxes, increased government involvement in healthcare and increased government control of social services? This “morphing” of which you speak always happens to everything the government controls.