Behold the Power of GRUNKY!

Behold the Power of GRUNKY! June 29, 2013

Kevin O’Brien writes with a Grand Announcement!:

Grunky – “a word which I invented at the age of five, to express my religious sentiments.” – GK Chesterton

Announcing a new Catholic video network! is the project of Kevin O’Brien, founder and artistic director of the Theater of the Word, Inc., with help from Dale Ahqluist of the American Chesterton Society and others.

Grunky will feature regular video releases – both funny and serious – from a Catholic perspective.

Shows include

… and more!

For more info, email or go to  And check out our featured videos below!

This week’s Featured Grunky Videos

Stanford Nutting on Sharing with Stanford.

Joseph Pearce on Beer and Books discusses the Catholic aspects of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  

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I should add that Kevin does a strangely accurate Henry Fonda impression:

And that he sometimes has wandering fat guys come through his house, whereupon he wines and dines them and sits them in front of cameras to hold forth under the influence of food and drink about… food and drink:

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    This should be good. As much as I don’t want to be his identical half-brother, Stanford Nutting is just so…punchable.

    So, good job, I guess, Kevin O’Brien?

  • Elizabeth517

    The “Nice Creed” is brilliant!

  • Stu

    I can only imagine Walmart patrons driving by and seeing Kevin in drag. 🙂

    • chezami

      What a country!

  • Daniel Collins

    You’re going to Hell, with Bill Johnson


    Love it! Bound to catch on in comboxes everywhere.

  • Dr. Eric

    Toasted ravioli! That proves the video was shot in St. Louis.