Chilling June 10, 2013

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It’s fascinating watching the State trying to scream scary things while Greenwald gets out in front of them and calls BS on the whole “This is endangering us all!!!!” bogeyman stuff. It’s also fascinating to watch a blonde talking hairdo–on MSNBC!–going to bat for the Surveillance State.

Also gotta love the Voice of Officialdom declaring “This is not wrongdoing. This is official US policy.”

Ah! Thanks for clearing that up.

Meanwhile, over at the Obama is Hitler Network, the consensus is that this is a really useful story for making Obama look bad, but of course, the guy who leaked it needs to be killed. So they aren’t really serious about the State spying on you as a serious threat. They just pretend to be because it helps them attack Obama. The moment one of their guys is running this apparatus we will hear nothing but how vital it is to spy on all American and how The Terrorists[TM] will kill us all if this is questioned in any way.

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