Congratulations to Newly Minted Baby Priest Fr. Gaurav Shroff!

Congratulations to Newly Minted Baby Priest Fr. Gaurav Shroff! June 12, 2013

A reader writes:

I remember seeing mention of a friend of mine, Gaurav Shroff, on your blog a few years back. You probably already know this, but Fr. Shroff was ordained to the Holy Priesthood in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta this past Saturday.

He is tremendously faithful and inspiring person, and God will do great things through him, I’m sure.

What wonderful news! I met Fr. Gaurav a few years ago when he came to Seattle. It was like Old Home Week for Indian Catholics as I wandered around over at Greenlake with him and buddy Alex (another Indian Catholic). Gaurav told me about how his studies in music, particularly Gregorian chant, had led him to Christ and it happened that Blessed Sacrament was having a Dominican rite Mass that evening–about as stratospherically high a Mass as you could ask for. Gaurav squirmed in transports of ecstasy at the thought, so we forthwith transported his ecstatic self there and, last I saw him, he was walking through the doors of the Church looking like Roy Neary boarding the Mothership at the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He’s a terrific guy and is going to be a terrific priest. Atlanta is blessed to have him!

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