Daily Kos Figures out…

Daily Kos Figures out… June 11, 2013

…that Obama is Bush 44.

Mr. President, when you’ve lost the Daily Kos, you are in deep trouble.  These guys were an important part of your base.

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  • Actually I think Obama is more a cross between Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover. J. Edgar Milhous Obama. 😉

  • Imp the Vladaler

    Ah yes, Obama the “Constitutional law scholar.” No. He’s a guy who taught a couple of classes having to do with some constitutional issues, a significant number of them on focusing on the pelvic-rights portions of the Constitution. Legal scholars publish. In his entire time teaching at Chicago, Obama didn’t so much as get his name as a third author on someone else’s paper.

    Of course, this was common knowledge in 2008, and anyone who was fooled back then has only himself to blame.

  • Actually, he’s Juan Peron. A social justice fascist.

  • RomanRevert

    Well, even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

  • John Schaefer

    Mark, I’m not sure he ever really HAD them. They are just part of the democratic package, just as the “Tea Party” are part of the Republican package.

    Since taking office, it has become abundantly clear that Obama is another “left leaning” elite, and there is no difference between his policies and those of GWB. Among MANY other things, KOS folks wanted socialized medicine…NOT the Heritage Foundation’s 1990 medical plan. This is a capitalist plan designed to work through the current system – NOT reinvent health care.

    Obama is given way to much credit for “powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men” – by both sides. It’s like the myth of LBJ – how he was able to shape congress with horse trading. He did horse trade with people in HIS OWN PARTY! His first years in office, like Obama, he had both houses under D control.

    Like LBJ, Obama is just a man, that has to work within the constructs of our current system. If any of us had expectations that he would be able to “bend steel with his hands, or leap tall buildings in a single bound”, then shame on you. Shame on me. I am certainly disappointed that some things have not happened, but I am neither shocked, nor surprised.

    On a side note, the comments up until this point, are the typical COM-BOX ad-hominem rants…When I read things like he is a “social fascist”, I just laugh. I love the smell of hyper-partisan attacks before breakfast.

    • tedseeber

      LBJ? I think he’s more like this guy:


      Only the claymation version rather than the old man with alzheimer’s falling asleep in meetings….

      • John Schaefer

        Nuke or Nurse?

        • tedseeber

          Yep though it was more the “Superman, where are you now?” line that made me post it.

    • wlinden

      Does someone actually know what “social fascist” means?

      There was a memorable incident at a World Science Fiction Convention, when Norman Spinrad was hectoring a panel on “Sex and Fandom” by accusing them of “social fascism”. Marion Zimmer Bradley finally squelched him by asking “All right, would you rather hear about social fascism, or sex?”

  • John Schaefer

    Props to Jay Leno: “How ironic is that? We wanted a president that listens to all Americans – now we have one.”

  • The Deuce

    I hope something comes of this, but unfortunately it seems that most of the slaves may want their chains:


  • Dave

    The attempts of America to achieve peace & security with all of the draconian programs always remind me of 1 Thessalonians 5:3:

    “For when they shall say, peace and security; then shall sudden destruction come upon them, as the pains upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape.”

  • David Elton

    Obama has not lost The Daily Kos or any other liberal news outlet. There will be plenty of critical commentary about scandals or controversies, or whatever the media chooses to call them. After all, they have to maintain some pretense of journalistic respectability. They all voted for him because he’s black, he’s “cool”, he’s “eloquent”, and he’s “progressive”. George Bush was none of those things. And did I mention that he’s “there for” all of the women (abortion) and homosexuals (gay marriage)? If another election were held tomorrow, Obama would beat any Republican, and the media would be just as craven in their support of him. The Republicans are finished. After Obama, it’s Hillary and the deluge.

    • chezami

      Um, Obama has not lost FOX or any conservative news outlet either–at least on this. They pretend to care about this story because it hurts Obama. But they also want Snowden hanged for treason and talk as though any threat to this apparatus of Leviathan means The Terrorists[TM] will come to kill us all. The Right wing media *love* this stuff. The Left wing media tolerate it.

      • John Schaefer


        it’s funny. Too many folks are worried about the politics of personality, and whether or not the media is complicit in Obama’s rise to power. The reality is, this leviathan has been going on for AT LEAST 2 POTUS administrations. I believe FISA has been around since 1973.

        So here is the question that arrises from all of this: “What if government officials came to your home and said that they would collect all of your papers and hold onto them for safe-keeping, just in case they needed them in the future. But don’t worry,
        they would offer not so very comfortingly, they wouldn’t open the boxes until they had a secret government court order … sometime, unbeknownst to you. You would and should consider that a gross violation of your rights.”

        But, we don’t want to address that question. Too many are obsessed with the “politics of personality”. Obama is the Devil. No, Bush is the Devil. Cult of Personality!!!! C’mon, man.

        Here on this blog, David Elton has just expended 117 words on a worn out attack on Obama, and his eloquent personal traits, and the complicit media used to create his magical image. Apparently, David misses the point of the cartoon, as he apparently has moved to acceptance of the surveillance state. While “meunke” has just expended his breath comparing Democrats who voted for Obama to beaten trailer park wives. Both of these arguments build on typical right wing straw men.

        Honestly. With thinking like this, it’s amazing we made it past the atomic age in this country.

        • Dave

          “meunke” has just expended his breath comparing Democrats who voted for Obama to beaten trailer park wives.


          Seems like a good comparison to me. Of course, the comparison could equally be made to the reflexive lever pullers for the GOP side. As long as we are willing to vote for and side with evil to avoid an imagined or real worse evil, we’ll continue to get more and more evil.

          And the funny/tragic thing is, Bush and Obama are basically the same, even while 90% of the nation trashes one and lionizes the other.

          • Burpy

            The only other eligible guy living in the trailer park is a semi-literate ,religion addled oaf, who is used to beat you twice as hard. So you tell yourself “at least he’s better than that guy, and he promised he can change.”

            • meunke

              See above my response to john.

        • meunke

          I think you confuse strawmen with a lack on your part of being able to follow my analogy. Dave has it right in that the same thing can be said of the GOP and their fanboys.

          What you and Burpy (see below) fail to think about is that you DO have other choices. It truly IS the beaten trailer park wife mentality to agonize on one abuser or the other.

          Here’s a novel idea: You don’t have to chain yourself to either guy. Leave and find someone else.

          Why don’t you realize that the only thing keeping you in the trailer park at all is you?

          • John Schaefer

            When the straw man doesn’t work, let’s move on to an ad-hominem on me. But, maybe, just maybe, “meunke”, it is not my inability to understand your analogy, but your analogy on its own. Maybe it’s weak, misogynistic, and desperate in its attempt to broadly paint someone, of either side, with your straw man argument.

            • meunke

              I have made no straw man argument. I have simply pointed out the behavior I witness. Did I step on your favored party’s toes a little hard?

              • John Schaefer

                You did not.

          • John Schaefer

            Here are your options in this country: I can buy Option 1: American Cheese. Option 2: Fat Free American Cheese.

            • Dave

              As long as those are our only two options, we are doomed. Those are our only two options only as long as Americans as a whole buy that those are our only two options.

            • meunke

              Pray tell me who is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to ingest American Cheese at all? You don’t like American Cheese, fat free or otherwise, here’s a novel idea: don’t vote in favor of it.

              If you don’t like American Cheese, why do you sign on with it? You are still trapped into thinking that you absolutely must, no way around it, you can do NOTHING but eat American Cheese.

              American Cheese is plastic tasting garbage. I refuse to eat it, I don’t care how many ‘promises’ of tastiness the ads give me.

              • John Schaefer

                Is there a sugar free American Cheese that I should be aware of? I have tasted a few off brands, and found myself unfulfilled with the taste and flavor.

                • Dave

                  I don’t know that I am looking for a different kind of party as much as a different kind of politician.

                  “A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman, of the next generation.” ~ James Freeman Clarke

                • meunke

                  Then don’t order cheese.

                  • John Schaefer

                    But, I like cheese. Should I go with Swiss Cheese, then? Or a Roquefort?

                    But, don’t tell me I have choices, and not share what my choices are! Replace my American Cheese with what? It’s all the same. The D-Brand Cheese offers much of the natural cheesy flavor I like and is fat free. The R-Brand has that corporate, packaged feel, and is loaded with salt and processed fat. Neither one is perfect, but some years one tastes a little better than the other. Sometimes neither tastes fresh.

                    They both come in a plastic wrapper, individually wrapped in nice packaging they update every couple of years. Usually the latest buzzwords are attached to them like CHANGE, HOPE, or BELIEVE IN AMERICA is on the packaging to let me know that everything is getting better.

                    This past year I chose an off-brand cheese. It was made down in New Mexico. Not a great cheese making state. Unfortunately, that cheese didn’t have much demand, or advertising/marketing budget. They couldn’t get the store space, or end caps to get in front of consumers like the big corporate cheese brands could.

                    Now, I don’t have to BUY either of the corporate branded cheeses. I certainly don’t have to LOVE them like family. But, they are the choices that I am presented every four years after the appropriate fermentation time. I’ll still make a choice.

                    One more thing….to get back to the original topic at hand. I don’t like that either Cheese Company can follow me around the web re-targeting their ads, after I check out their websites… The next thing you know, my favorite cheese will be keeping be contacting my wireless phone provider in a secret partnership, so that they can find out what cheeses I’m looking for in the future. What if they get concerned with the time I spend researching Roquefort Cheese. They might think I’m a European Socialist Cheese lover.

                    • meunke

                      See, I couldn’t really care at this point what national cheese they peddle. It’s all American Cheese, the same processed garbage packaged in different colors.

                      I focus on local cheese. In that, you can actually take a direct interest and even contribute yourself.

                      It’s doesn’t matter if you have, objectively, the best cheese on the planet, you will never out market Velveeta nationally. Don’t bother.

                    • meunke

                      I do have to give you an extended golf clap for making excellent, a full use of the cheese metaphor. Well done sir! 😉

                    • ivan_the_mad

                      And here is the apex of this cheese metaphor:


        • David Elton

          OK, John Schaefer, you are right. My point was simply this: Both the liberal and conservative news outlets will make the appropriate noises for a few days, and then it will be back to business as usual. Like I said, they have to maintain their “journalistic integrity”. Perhaps Shea is on the right track: It’s no longer liberals vs. conservatives, it’s the elites vs. the masses. Let’s think about what our response should be to these “changed circumstances”. Any ideas?

          • John Schaefer

            David Elton, don’t get stuck in their way of thinking. Already this story is playing out a little differently than others (the fact that this kid has decided to talk)…but, the elites in the press are going to HAMMER this kid hard (David Brooks, Joe Klein, the WSJ editorial page, and Jeffrey Toobin already have lit the candle). The sooner they get us talking left-right, the quicker this thing goes away.

            What we can do, is ask for accountability from our government, and don’t stop.

  • meunke

    I think Obama could literally stop puppies to death on live TV, and then every single one of the Kos, HuffPo and almost every single person in the Democratic party would still pull the lever for him the next day. Why? Because like abused trailer park wives, they can’t be made to see that there is any alternative to crawling back to him after the swelling dies down and the cuts heal. They are convinced they have to stick by him or else something worse will happen.

    • Kind of like my relationship with the Republicans. “He’s my party, ain’ he? He’s go’ a right wha’ a knock me abou’.” *sigh*

      • meunke

        I don’t understand political party loyalty of any kind whatsoever. I can fully understand loyalty to principles.

        But, total loyalty to a political party will ALWAYS require you at some point to prostitute your principles for the ‘sake of the party’. People start doing that, those principles cease being principles and become vacuous talking points.

        Granted, the party will still bring up those ‘principles’ up when it comes time to get in with the voter every couple of years. But those principles will be tossed away by the party as soon as they get what they wanted out of the voter, much like people do with used prophylactics.

        Dirty imagery. But then, it’s a dirty business and useless to pretend otherwise.

        • I agree. I’m more a Republican out of inertia and disgust with Democrats. As someone said somewhere, “I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants.”

    • wlinden

      Yep. If it wasn’t for him, it might be a REPUBLICAN doing those things.