Fr. Denis Lemieux Looks at Recent Political Scandals…

Fr. Denis Lemieux Looks at Recent Political Scandals… June 27, 2013

here and in Canada. Nifty quote from Pope Emeritus Benedict.

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  • Joseph

    Get ready for the “well, there were a handful of [token *liberal* non-profits] that were heavily scrutinised too” argument, which, ironically, gives a complete pass for the activities of the IRS that should have never occurred at all… and also completely ignores proportionality.

    • Fr. Denis Lemieux

      Yeah – I immediately, instantly, had an ‘anonymous’ commenter on that post who said just that (and who I suspect is some lowly staffer working in the Administration… but we’re all a bit paranoid these days).

      • John Simmins

        Nice knowing you, Father…..

    • They expect us to just forget about the internal IRS documents that specifically called for scrutiny of non-profits based on explicit, conservative-targeting political criteria.

      Find a document showing similar viewpoint-based discrimination targeting the left, and then we’ve got a new dimension to the scandal.

      • Andy

        Here you go

        The report identified 298 groups that were subjected to additional scrutiny, and identified 98 of those groups as either tea party, patriot or 9/12 groups. The remaining 202 groups were
        labeled as “other.” During congressional hearings, George was repeatedly asked if these 202 “other” groups included liberal organizations. He said he couldn’t“make that determination” based on the available evidence. However, several
        liberal groups received the same level of IRS scrutiny as tea party groups.

        The omitted information has caused Democrats to question whether the audit was truthful.

        “Failing to make this clear in these documents and at Congressional Hearings even when asked directly has been
        fully misleading,” Rep. Sandy Levin (D-MI) wrote in a letter to George onWednesday. “It has contributed to the distortion of this entire investigation,including use of innuendo and totally unsubstantiated assertions of White House involvement.”

        The Associated Press on Wednesday confirmed that liberal and progressive groups were subjected the same treatment that conservative groups had complained about, including
        excessive questioning and extremely long waits. From the Raw Story.

        Not saying I agree with targeting any group – better lets get rid of tax exempt status.

        • Let me try this again.

          Internal IRS documents show that the non-profits office was specifically instructed to target groups with things like “tea party” and “patriot” in their names. Viewpoint-based discrimination has been conclusively proven (and even admitted to!), and is wrong, and there must be consequences.

          That remains true whether zero, a hundred, or a million left-leaning non-profits were targeted. Especially in the absence of similar documents that specifically instructed the IRS to target groups with left-leaning indications in their names.