Inside the United States

Inside the United States June 12, 2013

Hilarious and darkly funny piece on what it would be like if journalists covered the US the way they cover other countries.  What I love is that they have to have a disclaimer at the beginning explaining that it’s satire since our devolution in a Kremlinesque puzzle box makes it so believable that some foreign paper might right this way about our burgeoning police/surveillance state.

Meanwhile, in ongoing confirmation that this is not a matter of Left vs. Right but of our Ruling Class vs. the Rest of us, we have America’s Prettiest Fascist, Lindsey  Graham, offering to read and censor your mail to keep you safe from The Terrorists[TM], while long ago we have Joe Biden telling you why he opposes precisely the surveillance state tactics he now totally supports:

These people are not our friends. They lie.

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