President Cultural Imperialist Instructs Irish…

President Cultural Imperialist Instructs Irish… June 19, 2013

…on their stupid backward Catholic schools. Meanwhile, President Nobel Peace Prize Winner gears up to arm the people who attacked us on 9/11, but in Syria, so it’s okay.

And all while spying on us and seriously creeping out an ultimately pliant and cowardly news media that, for the most part, seems to be bending over and taking it.

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  • Joseph

    Jeez Louise. I guess this ends any speculation on his implied hatred for the Church. How dare he come over here and tell the Irish to give up Catholic education. First of all, he is irrelevant to any doings in the country. Secondly, it isn’t Catholic education that is the cause of any of the problems in the North.

    Meanwhile, the media here still has its collective lips stuck firmly to his arse and are licking up the trail left behind “the first lady” as she visits an ancient monastic site. Haha… charade you are…

  • Joseph

    Speaking of the fact that the USr government is arming the so-called enemies, whom the so-called “conspiracy theorists” have been truthfully claiming we’ve been arming since, at least, the 80s to agitate Russia but didn’t have the luxury of modern technology to prove it with documentary evidence (via video and stories that are shared faster than the Ministry of Truth can stuff them down the memory hole), which they now have… where is the outcry to this? What the heck happened to the Bhengazi story that really blows the the lid off of the long standing relationship between the US government and these so-called “terrorists”?

    • Rachel

      That’s a very good question. I remember recently that a Syrian (or was it a Lebanese) bishop was interviewed and discussed what is actually going on. The so-called Syrian rebels are in fact many of the same idiots that my brother fought during his two tours in Iraq. When we drew down our troops there, some of these guys went to Syria which is very sad considering not only is it home to some of the most ancient Christian communities but that many Iraqi refugees sought shelter there and the fighting followed. Assad is a jerk but trying to destabilize every roughly secular government in the Middle East is stupid. I understand the sentiments of many people in the Middle East who wanted to get out of the repressive thumbs of some of these guys (Egypt, Libya, etc) but the situations are worse for them. Revolutions are never pretty. The real reason for the US wanting to get involved is to gain or to maintain hegemony in the Middle East. Its all about control. Assad’s government is seen as a threat to the USA and Israel for control of the Middle East. This is all about changing the balance of power. Another big player in all of this is also Iran. Knocking off Iran’s closest ally in the Middle East will further isolate (as if that hasn’t been done already through sanctions, etc) Iran at a time when they are undergoing a transition (although I am cautiously optimistic on Rouhani, I don’t see too much changing in relation to Iran’s policies). Sadly, as you have stated we have a long history of doing these sorts of things. Again, this is all aimed at Iran who I think are highly reluctant to go to war so we fight proxies just like we did during the Cold War.

  • John Médaille

    Except that he was talking about segregated PUBLIC schools.

    • Can you tell us more about that please, John?

      • John Médaille

        The statement in context is about breaking down the barriers between the neighborhoods; there is no comment about ending Catholic schools, but about ending the official segregation.

  • TheRealAaron

    I’m reminded of the line from Caddyshack: “Don’t sell yourself short, Mr. President. You’re a tremendous Dick Cheney.”