Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Says US News and World Report

Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Says US News and World Report July 23, 2013

in a story that mentions fellow Patheosi Greg Popcak. This seems like a big huge “Duh!” to me since devout Catholics also tend to insist that sex is a sacramental union of love, not just a quick hook up. They see it as involving not just the love of one’s life, but the love of God. The see children, not as a disastrous side effect, but a bonus. And they know how to party! When you go into sex full bore, as a union of body, soul, and spirit designed to bring forth children, rather than with your fingers crossed behind your back, afraid she’s going to ask you to commit, afraid you will wind up a parent, struggling with latex, and pills, and IUDs, and worried about STDs: yeah you’re going to have better sex.

It’s often forgotten that the gospel while difficult in a fallen world is nonetheless about cooperating with, not fighting against our nature as human beings. Obey God and you find that life often gets a lot less complicated and happier. Devout Catholic sex, unlike almost all modern sex, is natural. Natural stuff is easier.

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  • Dsarker
    • Yes, the reporting is sloppy – as it is on anything dealing with religion. Or statistics. Or science. Or economics. Or anything except politics, in which case it’s agenda-driven. Which leaves the sports page as the best straight reporting in the paper. Such is the state of journalism these days.

      However, it’s interesting that the argument seems to be about what is regarded as “good” sex. Religious practitioners tend to value depth of relationship in sex, while non-practitioners tend to value intensity in each experience. Both groups, by and large, seem to find what they look for.

  • wlinden

    I remember a story years ago mentioned in FIRST THINGS, where it was “born-again Christians” who reported having more and “better” sex.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    But the real question is whether the RadTrads or those Catholics lite who go to the Novus Ordo mass have better sex lives. God is in the details, after all.

    • Cindy

      Now how did a comment about trads and NO come out of this?

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        It was a weak attempt at a joke about it, especially since there was quite a long discussion about it a few days ago or so. When something leaves me as sad as that fight sometimes does, I either joke or cry.

    • Newp Ort

      NO types have better sex, but in the RadTrads defense, they claim the sex was better before Vatican 2.

      • Newp Ort

        And also in the sense of weak attempts at humor:

        Not taken in to account is that many devout catholics don’t know any better than what they’re gettin.

        That is, unless those catholic girls I knew in high school become devout at some time since. Which I really doubt.

        • Judith

          You really are a spiteful disgusting person, Newpot

      • Rebecca Fuentes


  • Niemand

    The actual study is from 1992. Why is it news now? What do follow up studies show? Is this result consistent with the rest of the literature on the subject or is it an isolated finding?

  • biscuits&gravy

    Definitely. My wife and I, devout Catholics, have had sex 323 times since July of 2012 (this post made Aug 1 2013). And it’s not just a numbers game — each time has been amazing, a few even mind-blowing…. 😉 And what with our six kids as a result of awesome sex over 16 years of marriage, yeah, we party best.

  • Lalala

    What’s the point of comparison as to who is having the “best” sex? That’s a highly personal matter between the two people involved in the act. Bragging like that doesn’t strike me as particularly Christian or Catholic.